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The amputated victory of 2020: football and death | sports

Roger Ibanez, from Roma, after falling against Naples a month ago.
Roger Ibanez, from Roma, after falling against Naples a month ago. Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images

A goodbye lasts what it takes to hear the door slam. It usually ends there, although it may be a long time befo The My father died in the spring. It is impossible not to remember every day. But I used the phone for the first time to call him just two weeks ago at 12.30, when the PSG ball came out in the Champions draw. “Damn, Pepe. What a Alisonn falls on us. Damn Neymar ”, he was going to say. I had already looked him up in his contacts and his name was on the screen. Soccer allows that, even if someone is no longer by your side. A good friend from Oviedo experienced the same recently. And his father had died 12 years earlier. It will happen to a lot of other people, for su The

The instinctive call on match day to someone who has taken Villadiego’s is a reflex action. Like the tickle in the amputee’s imaginary leg. Or the mad urge to scratch an arm that has vanished. But it also has to remember the sensation of some teams at the end of the season after a glorious cycle and a new failure that feeds blank decades. “Go for the glass,” they say to themselves, heading up the ladder to the box to lift it. It happens only in your head, of course. And in many cases, at best they have just avoided a decli The

The amputated victory has a quick and painful diagnosis. Italy, it it is an extremely populated psychological dimension. It is inhabited by Bologna (7 badges), Torino (7), Genoa (9), Lazio (2), Roma (3) or Fiorentina (2). It was the kings. But now they feed their lives based on absence, mutilated triumphs and videos on YouTube that keep the memory of the severed organ. Today, 13 of the 20 teams playing in Serie A have won at least one scudetto. More than half of those who compete for the title know what he knows how to win it. Some, like Torino, even raised five in a row. The showcases of the club invite to think that there is still hope. But today it is impossible. Few have returned from that dea The

The problem is not very widespread in Spain (it must be the only one). Four teams have shared 90% of the leagues. Let’s not say the European competitions. The letters are marked in September. Most, it could be concluded, no longer aspire to win. It is tough, but more practical in some ways. The Italian record is more diffuse. And it is a good thing, but at the same time too melancholic for a competition where so much money is at stake to dream in each market with the checkbook in hand. Roma, for example, has been spending huge amounts of lire and euros since 2001, when the city spent a whole month on the streets celebrating the last scudetto. It has been useless.

Milan’s mental disorder was not exactly the same, but this season it is as if it had returned from the other neighborhood. The distant memory of seven Champions and 18 badges It was starting to get very steamy. Berlusconi was a gambler. But we always prefer that to an American mutual fund or the specter of a Chinese that was not even clear that it existed. The team (a Super Cup in 10 years) will say goodbye to 2020 as the first classified and is the only one in Europe that has not yet lost since the pandemic began. He was born from a failed project, he has a coach who should have been fired in the first weeks and a squad where the best is 39 years old. The secret is guarded by the mythical PaoMoldingini, its technical director, a man who always knew everything a second before the re The

The reality is not always like this. Happiness, except for Paolo Coelho fans or Juventus fans in Italy, never lasts two seasons. It is convenient to accept it, nobody is going to give us back our leg or arm. Against PSG or at the Olympic in Rome. This year it is clear that we have all had a bad draw.

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