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the anecdotes of the NATO Summit



The first hours of the NATO Summit in Madrid are leaving images of all kinds. The main international leaders have shown great complicity among themselves and also with the hosts, both with the King and Queen and with the Prime Minister and, despite the seriousness of the issues to be dealt with in terms of security in the context of the war in Ukraine , there have also been relaxed moments that will remain in the memory.

The jokes of Biden and King Felipe

One of them was carried out precisely by the president of the United States, Joe Bidenrecently landed at the Torrejón de Ardoz aerodrome, where he was received by the King Philip VI. Both, who had already coincided on previous occasions, appeared before the cameras very complicit and even shared some jokes according to the laughter of the monarch that the cameras captured.

Later, during the visit of the North American leader to the Royal Palace, another of the moments of this Summit took place, when surprised by the spectacular nature of the Palace, which wore its best clothes for the occasion, Biden joked with Felipe VI about the possibility of staying a few days longer than expected: «Be careful, maybe we won’t leave. This is my second time here and the place is amazing. Some say that we would not be an independent country without you, “said the president, causing the king to laugh again.

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Joe Biden jokes with King Felipe at the Royal Palace. – EFE / Chema Moya

He was also very close with Queen Letizia in the brief talk that the Biden couple had at the reception prior to the gala dinner with the monarchs. The American president, who arrived at the Throne Room hand in hand with his wife, Jill Biden, shared a few words with the queen, whom he even took by the hands in an affectionate gesture.

Jill Biden’s espadrilles

Although it was the president’s wife, Jill Biden, as well as her granddaughters, who starred in one of the first anecdotes during her first hours in Madrid. The American first lady did not want to miss the opportunity to buy some Castañer espadrilles, the favorites of Queen Letizia, which she wore that same day through the streets of the capital. Maisy and Finnegan also did so, all of them opting for the color black, although in different models.

Previously, Maisy had already attracted all eyes for her atypical outfit in her first meeting with the Queen. Hunter Biden’s 21-year-old daughter went to the Refugee Center in a tracksuit and espadrilles, unlike the more formal style worn by the rest of the companions.

Macron, surprised with the portrait of the King as a young man

Many of the images of these days have taken place in the presence of the Kings, who have participated in many of the events that surround this summit, and have been in some way protagonists of these anecdotes. After receiving the heads of state and government in the Throne Room, Macron was surprised to see the painting by Antonio López in which the Royal Family appeared. “Is that you?” He asked Felipe VI directly, in whose portrait he was a few years younger and posed with his sisters, the infantas and his parents.

Sánchez, with the flag upside down and ‘stumbling’ against the Kings

The President of the Government has also been the protagonist of some of the anecdotes that have occurred. One of the most commented has been the one related to the protocol error in the greeting to the Kings in the Throne Room, where he made a brief and erratic greeting that soon had its corresponding meme on the networks.

Pedro Sánchez, with the flag upside down.
Pedro Sánchez, with the flag upside down. – Ignatius Gil

It must be remembered that on a previous occasion he stayed with his wife posing with the monarchs until they were told that they had to leave to continue with the reception.

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Later, in one of his interventions with the rest of the leaders already in Ifema, he appeared in his place next to the Spanish flag upside down, with the shield facing down, in an episode that was highly commented on on the networks.

I veto the «Russian» salad

The food has also been a great protagonist these days. The European leaders have been able to taste the dishes of the best Spanish chefs made with the delicacies that the country’s land and sea provide: anchovies from the Bay of Biscay, cherries from Jerte and other products that have made the guests’ plates swarm. The journalists who have covered the event have had to settle for simpler dishes, among which, curiously, was the Russian salad.

The dish, however, has been renamed hours later, not its preparation, for “traditional salad” to avoid controversy in the midst of the war with Ukraine.

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