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The APA of CEU Jesús María supports the punishment of the school administration to the students with short skirts

Academic act of beginning of course and imposition of scholarships to Baccalaureate in CEU Jesús María de Alicante

Academic act of beginning of course and imposition of scholarships to Baccalaureate in CEU Jesús María de Alicante

The president of the Parents Association (APA) of CEU Jesús María de Alicante, Pablo Sentana, has sent a circular to the families of the students of the center as a result of the controversy surrounding female students relegated to a classroom with no class for wearing too short skirts.

In this communiqué he points out that uniformity “is a norm of coexistence that is in the Regulation of the Internal Regime of the center of which all families are aware. “He adds that the school” informs of these norms at the time of enrollment and families accept and sign them, thereby giving their consent to the application of the same “.

At this point, it should be specified that the acceptance document contained in the aforementioned regulation it is not passed on to families, or at least not all, as some of them have assured this newspaper and that they maintain never having signed such a clause.

Sentana continues her writing showing the support from the APA to the management of the center in ensuring compliance with the aforementioned regulation “considering that it defines the character of the center and, today, it is essential to maintain coexistence”.

In the third point of the communiqué, “a call to the unity of the entire educational community of the College, in these moments in which through various means of communication it is questioned that the center is carrying out discrimination against female students for the incorrect use of the uniform “.

According to Pablo Sentana “this news is not true, since a regulation of the center is being enforced that affects both female and male students in their use of uniformity.” A regulation that, in relation to the sanction, does not have the approval of the Ministry of Education and that, after the pertinent call of the educational Inspection, the management of the center has not been shy about obviating by having lifted the punishment of the relegated students.

In addition, the president of the APA warns that “the news does not echo the sanctions imposed on boys for the misuse of his uniform. “At this point it must be emphasized that the director of the center, Luis Martínez-AbarcaAfter consulting this newspaper this past Wednesday, it only stated that in the case of the boys, the irregularities had to do with the use of footwear. “And there was no problem to correct it”, without detailing at any time that any of them had been sanctioned.

Sentana continues: “We are convinced that the College will take the appropriate measures so that compliance with said Internal Regulations, as well as the disciplinary measures derived from it, do not deprive our children’s right to education or your class attendance “, as it has been happening until the publication of the news in INFORMATION, which has been later echoed by the media throughout Spain.

Finally, the APA shows its “most sincere regret” for the fact that compliance with the regulations “accepted by all families” is “deviating towards other types of interests”, which it does not specify and which, points out, “They do not benefit our educational community at all, of which we have always been very proud to be a part.”

Statement from the APA of the CEU Jesús María de Alicante

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