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The app that turns your smartphone into a mobile radar for cars

An application that allows us to use our mobile phone as if it were a radar has sparked controversy in the United Kingdom. We tell you all the details.

SpeedCam Everywhere is an application created by British developers who It allows the possibility of using our mobile device as if it were a radar.

This application has unleashed a more than important storm in the United Kingdom, and it is not for less, since it is a legal form for the authorities to report speeding.

So much so, that the developers of this application they have had to hide their identities to avoid possible reprisals or clashes with possible affected by it.

This application has a fairly simple operation. Capture the car license plate that we record, using the camera, and check it in a database to identify the data about it.

At the same time, it records a video that it later compares with previous recordings on the same route, to, by artificial intelligencedetect the speed at which the car you were recording was moving.

Once the appropriate calculations have been made, this application generates a report in PDF format, with a design and extension that is too detailed and extensive.

This report then can be presented to the authoritiesso that they can denounce these vehicles for speeding and that they can impose sanctions, as if they were speed cameras.

The legal possibility of making complaints by the police through these reports has quite infuriated British users affected by itand have harshly criticized the creators of this application.

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The creators of this application make a subsection is that this application It does not have a purpose of revenge against anyoneif not that it seeks to report speeding that later ends up causing serious accidents and run overs to users, 20,000 a year according to reports.

If any ordinary citizen can report this type of high speed, this would get drivers to go at moderate and legal speedsand would make them aware of complying with the limits, increasing the safety of the inhabitants.

fixed speed camera

Empty radars of the DGT: How many are there? Is it possible to identify them?

Not everything was pretty for this application, since in its day Google refused to publish it in the Play Store claiming that it is not possible by artificial intelligence to detect the speed of a vehicle. These developers managed to show that it was possible and it can now be downloaded from their store.

As for its version for iOS, not available yet but they announce that it should be in the coming weeks, once Apple approves its distribution.

At ComputerHoy, we find it to be a very interesting application and, of course, it could also be quite useful for improving road safety in our country, although legally we do not know if it could have the same effect in terms of legality for complaints as in the United Kingdom.

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