Wednesday, December 8

The archaeologist who promoted La Alcudia

Considered one of the great promoters of La Alcudia and one of the personalities who has done the most for the culture of Elche, Rafael Ramos died this Friday at the age of 79 after an illness. Son of Alejandro Ramos Folqués, the creator of the Archaeological and History Museum of Elche (MAHE) and owner of the site where the Lady was discovered, and father of Alejandro, the current director of Alcudia, Rafael leaves leaving a legacy of contributions key to the preservation of the city’s heritage.

The one who was one of the people from Elche who knows the most secrets about the Iberian bust, published this same year unpublished data and the reasons that led the Iberian sculpture from the Louvre to the Prado eight decades ago in his book La Dama de Elche. Find, archeology and history.

The historian and archaeologist retired in 2012 in his seventies as director of the MAHE, the museum himself managed to occupy the Altamira Palace in 1978, which until then was located in the central pavilion of the Municipal Park, as recorded in the written biography by his son Alejandro in the Pere Ibarra Chair.

A year before, he arrived in the square due to the free opposition of the director of the Museum of Archeology and History of Elche “Alejandro Ramos Folqués”. In 1979 the archaeological intervention began in the section of the medieval traspalacio wall that led to the modification of the General Plan and thanks to which today an important section of the medieval wall is preserved and there is the square between the palace and the MAHE.

The same biography shows that from the end of his studies until the creation of the Fundación Universitaria La Alcudia de Investigación Arqueológica he participated in the direction of the excavations of the site, first sharing it with his father, then alone and, finally, sharing it with his son Alexander. Another milestone in Rafael’s professional career was the one he achieved in 1996 when he negotiated with the University of Alicante the creation of the La Alcudia Archaeological Research Foundation, of which he is its Vice-president. With this, as recalled by his son, Alejandro, he managed to ensure that the archaeological site of La Alcudia ensures its conservation and development as a research center and has become an international benchmark in the world of archeology.

At the same time, he maintained, as stated in the Pere Ibarra chair, his father’s obsession that all the archaeological materials found in La Alcudia remain within the municipality of Elche.

It was at the university level, where he began his professional career in 1968. At that time, the University of Valencia created the CEU (Center for University Studies) in Alicante and held the position of head of the Department of Archeology and Prehistory until the nineties. . He also collaborated in the creation of the UNED in Elche in 1977, where he was dean.

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