Friday, August 19

The Architectural Wonders of Millennial Desert Manhattan

  • Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey
  • BBC Travel

Old town of Sanaa.

Image source, Getty Images


Old town of Sanaa.

Going through the Bab-al-Yaman, the huge gate that allows access to the ancient walled city of Sanaa in Yemen, is like going through a portal into another world.

You see lots of tall, slender buildings huddled in narrow alleys that connect lush fruit and vegetable gardens to the old souk (market) where donkeys are still sold.

I saw locksmiths mending huge metal keys that open imposing wooden doors; a vendor offering tunas with a cart, and the local baker who pulls fresh bread out of a burning hole on the floor.

In one tiny room, a camel walked in circles driving a millstone that crushed sesame seeds.

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