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The army captures Ovidio Guzmán, son of ‘Chapo’, in northern Mexico


In 2019 he had already been arrested, but was released after the outbreak of a wave of violence

2019 image by Ovidio Guzmn.PA
  • Criminality Joaqun ‘El Chapo’ Guzmn, sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars in the United States
  • polemical Lpez Obrador directly ordered the release of the son of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmn

The Federal Armed Forces of Mexico have managed to arrest Ovidio Guzmán, son of ‘El Chapo’, in an operation carried out this Thursday in the municipality of Jesús María, in the city of Culiacán. The capture of one of the most prominent leaders of the Sinaloa cartel has turned the state capital into a real scene of war that has forced the authorities to close the local airport, deploy the National Guard and ask the population “not to leave their homes.” This is the second time that this young criminal has been arrested, after the well-known culiacanazo of 2019, when he was detained and released after a few hours due to the violent pressure of the Sinaloa hit men.

After several hours of uncertainty and media speculation, the Secretary of National Defense, Cresencio Sandoval, has confirmed that Ovidio Guzmán has already been transferred to Mexico City in a military plane that, according to reports, suffered several bullet wounds when trying to take off from Culiacán. In their attempt to free the leader from him, the Sinaloa hitmen have unleashed a wave of attacks in different parts of the city. The authorities have counted up to 19 road blocks, but have not confirmed any injuries or fatalities so far.

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As Secretary Sandoval has detailed, after “six months of reconnaissance and surveillance work,” an Army command located a convoy early Thursday morning “of pickup armored forces” northwest of Culiacn. After stopping them, he registered a direct confrontation that led to the capture of Ovidio Guzmán, who had in his possession “weapons for the exclusive use of the army.” The detainee was transferred at that time to the Mexican capital due to the constant harassment of the criminal group that block all access to the city and attacked ports, airports, prisons and military barracks.

As it happened in the culiacanazowhat left 8 dead, 16 injured and 47 prisoners escaped from prisonthis operation has unleashed an extremely violent reaction on the part of the Sinaloa cartel, whose hitmen have come down from the mountains to take control of the state capital, taking its 800,000 inhabitants hostage. The streets of Culiacán have woken up with roadblocks, vehicles on fire and armed commandos patrolling in all directions. The secretary of State Security, Cristbal Castaeda, has assured through Twitter that “the remains of vehicles and blockades are being presented in different parts of the city, we ask citizens not to leave, we are acting accordingly.”

Along the same lines, the Civil Protection of Sinaloa has asked the population “not to leave their homes.” The Culiacán airport has been temporarily closed and, according to videos shared by witnesses on social networks, several armed men have broken into the lobby trying to stop the capture of their boss. The Mexico City aerodrome has announced that: “derived from the closure of airports in Sinaloa there may be cancellations and/or delays of flights.” The Mexican Soccer League has also communicated the cancellation of the match that was to face Los Dorados de Culiacn and the Correcaminos.

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Ovidio Guzmn is the third child to El Chapo he had with his third wife, griselda lopezand in the streets they earned the nickname of the mouse for his ability to evade the police. After the definitive fall of his father, sentenced in the United States to life imprisonment and an additional 30 years, Ovidio and his brothers ivan Y Alfred they have had to fight to maintain power over the Sinaloa cartel. As detailed in the extradition order against him, Ovidio Guzmn would have organized the shipment to the United States of at least “one ton of methamphetamine” between 2008 and 2017. In an interview with Vicethe former head of international operations for the DEA, Mike Virgilcame to describe the Guzmán López brothers as “dumber than a stone”.

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