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The art of dancing through the air

Camila Manzano and Pablo Cuello in the vertical garden of Las Cigarreras.
Turn up

Accustomed to looking upside down in dances that do not admit vertigo, the members of the Subcielo company have wanted residents of three areas far from the center to twist their necks up to enjoy their aerial dance show Célula. Thanks to the Volando en los Barrios project, the spectators of the Pla del Bon Repós have already done so, and last Sunday those of Virgen del Carmen had the opportunity. Tomorrow it will be the residents of San Gabriel who will see the dance on the Subcielo wall in the front line.

Pablo Cuello, founder of the aerial dance company created in Alicante eleven years ago, will take off at 1:00 p.m. with his partner Camila Manzano from the bell tower of the San Gabriel parish, in Plaza Enrique López Vidal.

Both will slide down the tower of the church that is around 17 meters high to narrate with their bodies a show that has already traveled widely in Spain and was a finalist in the Burgos-New York International Choreography Competition.

Célula speaks “of platonic love, of the search for a better half that is not always the same, of beings that meet and separate to convey the idea that love can continue in other people,” says Cuello of this piece of wall tango, which inverts the stage so that the dancers fly, and which, in addition, will be performed with the background music of the cellist Isabel Hidalgo and the San Gabriel neighborhood choir.

The show lasts about 20 minutes, with 15 of dance, is free and has a restricted capacity with fences to guarantee health security. Chairs can be reserved – around forty – by calling the telephone number 620180649.

Volando en los Barrios is a Subcielo cultural decentralization project to take this artistic discipline, already seen on other occasions in the city center, to three peripheral neighborhoods of Alicante. The proposal was selected in the call for cultural projects of the Department of Culture, which awarded them 3,000 euros in aid.

Search new audiences

“It is a way for the people of these neighborhoods to enjoy this type of spectacle because many people have never seen something like this in their life or do not even know that it exists. That is a motivation for us, reaching people who do not have access, as well as generating new audiences “, explains Pablo Cuello.

For the company it was easy to get off any tall building on the beach of San Juan, but they first chose the vertical garden of the Las Cigarreras cultural center, where they performed on November 7, and then a residential building in Virgen del Carmen on the 13th. from December. A neighborhood «which the residents continue to call a Thousand Homes and where they enjoyed the rehearsal from the first moment. It is the best audience and they appreciate things being done there. They were commenting on the whole show and shouting at us: ‘This is really art and not the gypsy dancing on TikTok,’ ”says the dancer and choreographer.

The company

Subcielo was born in 2009 by the hand of artists Pablo Cuello, Joca Vergo Brasil and Carolina Arias Heer, who in 2010 created the opening show of the night of museums in Cartagena with more than 15 artists and in 2011 they premiered their first show of room, The flight of Da Vinci, in Las Cigarreras. In recent years, with new additions, they have created their first large-format aerial show, Dalí, with 12 artists on the air.

Subcielo advises on aerial techniques and its members carry out periodic collaborations with companies such as Carros de Foc, La Fura dels Baus or Voala Project.

The company has managed for three years a creative space dedicated to the performing and circus arts in Alicante under the name of Espacio Fractal, with permanent training in aerial acrobatic disciplines.

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