Thursday, January 20

The audit of the Provincial Council accounts obliges the groups to pay almost 170,000 euros

Most parties have managed to justify a large part of their expenses, except the US, now without representation


In the first place, the political groups, with the abstention from the valencianistas, they withdrew the points related to the approval of the audit account on the funds transferred to their respective parties from 2015 to 2018, but only related to the PP and the PSOE as they were the only ones who made these transfers. As explained by the government team, in order to approve this point, a report from the auditor was mandatory, which, although it was sent a day before the plenary session to the spokespersons, was considered to be Out of time. “It has been left on the table for a formal matter, not having arrived in time and form,” explained the deputy Maria Gomez. This external audit commissioned by the Provincial Council to supervise the accounts certifies that The PP must return 45,000 euros of unjustified expenses to the public coffers of the close to 466,000 euros that it entered from the County Council in his account during those years, while the PSPV will have to pay 14,500 euros. Once the Intervention report on this audit is ready, both documents will be submitted to an extraordinary plenary session that will be convened for the next few days so that all groups can study the report in detail and expand it in the event that this is the case. determined by the services Technicians of the Provincial Council. But, apart from this audit that the government team commissioned due to the pressure exerted by Compromís, another Intervention report has detected errors due to lack of justification in the expenses of the different groups, a matter that was also brought to the plenary session to proceed with the refund approval of the funds corresponding to the years 2015 and 2016 once the allegations process has been completed. Most groups have managed to justify much of your expenses, so the amounts have been reduced. With this, the PP has already paid about 3,000 euros, to the PSOE Most of the money that he already paid in a few months ago has been returned to him for having justified the invoices, as has happened to Compromís, to which he would only have to pay about 800 euros when almost all his claims were estimated. One of the thorniest issues is the Esquerra Unida account, now without representation in the institution, since there is a formal problem due to the lack of an accreditation, which forces the organization to return the entire grant that amounted to about 42,000 euros, all from 2015 and 2016.

In addition, during the plenary session, the Intervention report for 2017 and 2018 that begins the allegation period so that errors can be corrected and invoices can be provided. With this first report, the PP would have to pay about 3,500 euros; the PSOE, 200; Compromís would have to pay around 5,000 euros; as the US tops the list again with 50,000 euros, which is the totality of what is perceived by the formal accreditation problem that has not been solved. Citizens’ accounts have not been included because they will go independent in another procedure when they leave their then deputy, Fernando Sepulcre, the party to go to the mixed group.

Motion on participation in State taxes

PP and Ciudadanos gave the go-ahead to the two motions: one to condemn the human rights situation in Cuba and the second to urge the Government of Spain to forgive the debt generated by the negative settlement of the PIE (participation in taxes of the State) of 2020 to alleviate the consequences it will have on city councils in 2022. Opposition groups did not join any of these motions. Neither did the government team support the motion presented by Compromís for the Diputación to promote a civic pedagogy plan on vital testimony and the Euthanasia Law. br

Last aid package of the Closest Plan

The plenary session of the Alicante Provincial Council unanimously approved yesterday the second and last package of aid for investments of the Closer Plan, with which this investment package is definitively resolved that will allow to promote in the municipalities of the province more than 450 actions with a budget of 30 million euros. During the ordinary plenary session, held electronically, the bases and call for the More Water Plan were also approved, with the support of all political groups, which in this case will distribute 9.5 million among municipalities to promote more than a hundred of hydraulic works.

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