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The authorities’ support for Dual Vocational Training gives a decisive boost to this educational model

José Luis Bonet, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Clara Sanz, secretary general of VET of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Francisco Belil, vice president of the Bertelsmann Foundation and Juan Carlos Tejeda, director of the Department of Education and Training of the CEOE

The new draft law on Vocational Training has been one of the most discussed topics during the VII edition of the Alliance Forum for Dual Vocational Training, co-organized by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, co-financed by the European Social Fund and which has had What media partner a Iberian Press. The event, held in a hybrid format, face-to-face and online, brought together national and international political authorities, organizations and social agents for four days to analyze the present and future of this educational model.

The participants in the VII Alliance Forum for Dual Vocational Training, agreed to admit that, although the new law will be a decisive boost for this growing training model, there is still a long way to go. The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, He stated that supporting quality training, also from the institutions, is key to getting out of the current crisis and to face the new challenges we face, such as the ecological transition or digitization. The president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, José Luis BonetHe recalled that the European Next Generation funds are fundamental on this path, since they bring hope to SMEs, fundamental agents of the Spanish economic fabric. The secretary general of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Education and FP, Clara Sanz, affirmed that it was a necessary law to face the new economy: “A revolution of the competitions is taking place; any job is going to be affected and we need future professionals to have a system that allows them to train constantly, because no one is going to be able to maintain their employability throughout their lives with what they learned when they started their training ”.

“FP Dual is not a short path, it is the beginning of a path”

Clara Bassols – Director of the Bertelsmann Foundation

The international section also had a relevant place in the forum, in a day in which the operation of this model in European and Latin American countries was analyzed. As highlighted the senior project manager of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Guillem Salvans, moderator in one of the round tables of this block, “Although Spain is still light years away from many countries such as Austria, in which Dual FP has a great tradition, it is surprising to see that we all face common challenges such as the concern of future apprentices due to the quality of training in the company or the importance of increasing the participation of SMEs in this system, as well as the need to improve the image that this educational model has in society. It is also worth highlighting the existence of other networks that promote Dual VET in Europe and the importance of joint collaboration to make the system grow and evolve ”, he assured.

VII Alliance Forum for Dual Vocational Training

Breaking stereotypes

Throughout the forum, different success stories presented by companies, educational centers and also apprentices were discussed. Positive experiences grow from year to year, making Dual Vocational Training an increasingly solid and successful training system. As the Head of the Dualiza Knowledge and Innovation Center, Mónica Moso, this system has almost 92,000 students and, in the last 10 years, has a cumulative growth of 45%.

The forum also emphasized the evolution that teachers and tutors have made to transmit to the apprentices also “soft skills” or soft skills, aimed at promoting such necessary skills in the workplace such as teamwork or initiative. Likewise, several speakers recalled that Vocational Training is not a divergent path from the academic one, since apprentices who so wish can continue their training by undertaking university studies.

At the close of the event, the Secretary General of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Education and FP, Clara Sanz, wanted to thank the ambassadors of the network “We are FP Dual” for breaking stereotypes associated with this educational system. One Way. That it is not second-rate training, that there are no professions categorized by gender and that Dual FP can be done at any age. You are the future and the future will be what you make of it ”, he stated. Finally, Bassols summoned all attendees to the next Alliance Forum for Dual Vocational Training, in which there will surely be even better data on this educational model.

VII Alliance Forum for Dual Vocational Training

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