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The ‘baby boom’ of celebrities: the most famous pregnancies of 2020

Although 2020 has not been especially joyous for the vast majority, the ‘boom’ of pregnancies of our most famous faces has been a great joy for all. We want to take a tour of some of the pregnancies, some very surprising and others more anticipated, of the famous of our country.

Without a doubt, Paula Echevarría’s pregnancy has been one of the most surprising of this 2020. Enjoying one of the happiest stages of her life with Miguel Torres, the arrival of a new member to the family has been happy news but also very surprising. Although the actress He had repeated actively and passively that Daniella would be an only child, Paula is delighted with the arrival of Miguel Jr. for next year.

As with Paula, we all thought that Romina Belluscio had decided not to have more children after the arrival of Enzo, but this 2020 has also encouraged the television collaborator. Along with former Real Madrid player Guti, Romina awaits the arrival of her second child that will turn Enzo into a wonderful older brother.

The world of sport, especially tennis, has been especially benefited by this ‘pregnancy boom’ fruit of 2020. Among the tennis players who increase the family for next year we have Sandra Gago and Feliciano López or Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco. Although Feliciano and Sandra will become parents for the first time with the arrival of their first child, Ana and Fernando are already enjoying the first days of life of little Mateo who arrived in the world on December 21 to everyone’s surprise.

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Among the best known ‘influencer’ in our country there have also been several pregnancies that have made us remember that youth is perfectly compatible with motherhood. María Pombo and María de Jaime, 25 and 23 years old respectively, will also become mothers thanks to this crazy 2020. While María Pombo and Pablo Castellano they finally debuted as dads on December 27, a few days earlier than expected, María de Jaime and Tomás PáramoThey will welcome Catalina to form a family of four with her other son Tomi.

Boasting of a spectacular body, Ariadne Artiles also shared with her Instagram followers the wonderful news that she is expecting twins. “I feel in a sea of ​​emotions, fears and uncertain thoughts that many of you will understand. No pregnancy is the same as the other and that makes us live it as a new adventure, once again towards the unknown. @ multiplies and we cannot be happier “, The model wrote confirming that she and her partner José María García Fraile will be parents again, this time twice.

Happy with little Theo, Sara Sálamo and Isco Alarcón They will also enter the new year with one more member of the family, since their second child was born on the 30th, a boy they have named Piero. Happy for this new stage that is about to begin, Sara has made it clear that she will try to combine her role as a mother with that of an actress in the best possible way.

Another of the most surprising and also most anticipated pregnancies of this 2020 has been that of Edurne. After many years waiting for you the couple formed by the singer and David de Gea give each other the ‘Yes, I do’, both have given us the happy news of the arrival of another member of the family.

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Saying goodbye to the year in the best possible way, Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel Romero They have also taken advantage of this 2020 to expand the family and give D’Angelo a little brother. The baby they are expecting will be a girl they will call Zoe.

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