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The Badajoz City Council continues with the temporary shelter of Padre Tacoronte

Padre Tacoronte building where the City Council will build a social center. / Pakopi

The mayor accuses Ricardo Cabezas of being behind a campaign of disinformation to the neighbors to use a necessary endowment as a throwing weapon

Rocio Romero

The City Council will build the 2,000-square-meter social center on the corner of Padre Tacoronte and Zapata streets, despite the fact that the Board has withdrawn its intention to locate a temporary shelter there for people who are in the process of social integration.

The mayor, Ignacio Gragera, has shown this Wednesday his disagreement with the way of acting of the General Directorate of Children and Family, which has been working on this project with the City Council for two years and on Friday decided to withdraw after the refusal of the residents of the area to host a center of this type.

Cáritas disfigures the residents of the Right Bank its rejection of the temporary shelter of Padre Tacoronte

Gragera accuses the PSOE and Ricardo Cabezas of making a partisan use of this endowment, putting the neighbors against the initiative and even contributing to disinformation. People were not going to enter it to spend only one night, but those who are already in the process of integration and as a previous step to their arrival at homes where they will function autonomously.

The alderman fully supports the statement made public this morning by Cáritas, in which his rejection affects the residents of the Right Bank. In that note, the Christian organization cites the partisan use that is being made and how it harms the most disadvantaged people in the city with it. “I subscribe one hundred percent to what Caritas has said, I neither add nor remove a comma. He expresses the feelings of the City Council and this mayor ».

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“Either it has not been explained well to the neighbors or a much-needed resource has been used as a throwing weapon and in the end it will harm those most in need,” he said. The neighbors collected signatures this summer among the residents of the area and claim to have a thousand supporters.

«I think that the neighbors have been misinformed because it is aimed at people who are in a situation of leaving marginality, who have already been in previous programs and I feel sorry because they have been misinformed, people have been used and the city ​​loses a much-needed resource,” he insisted.

The mayor emphasizes his bewilderment: «When the center is explained to them (to the neighbors) they agree and the configuration of the center is made by Cáritas and the Board, it is done because they agree. It is a profound injustice.”

Gragera affirms that the centers managed by Cáritas and located in Huerta Rosales and Bravo Murillo do not generate problems in their environment, for which he considers that the fear generated by this future center is unjustified.

In addition, he directly accuses the spokesman for the PSOE and vice president of the Provincial Council. «The appearance that Ricardo Cabezas made in El Progreso (this summer) had neither head nor tail. He said that it was a necessary resource, but also that it should not be done there without saying where to locate it. If the City Council says A, Ricardo Cabezas will say B and if the City Council says B, Ricardo Cabezas will say C. It is the usual loop: trying to destroy from a partisan position. But now he takes hostage those who need him most. Then we fill our mouths talking about social justice, “he criticized the PSOE.

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The Junta de Extremadura recognized yesterday that this building is necessary and will speak with the City Council to find a plot. The mayor is willing to give up the land. “Let’s see if this time Mr. Ricardo Cabezas is okay with it.”

The Padre Tacoronte building will have an investment of two million euros from European funds allocated for this purpose and four floors. The municipal Social Services will manage the ground floor, where there will be space with rooms for use by groups in the area. There will also be room for training with the Crisol program. But it remains to be decided what will be done with the three upper floors.

The PP also accuses Cabezas

For its part, the PP frames the Board’s change of position on the Vías Arriba civic center in the proximity of the elections and also accuses Ricardo Cabezas of being behind this change in the Board’s position.

In a note, the local coordinator of the training, Antonio Cavacasillas, states that “the Board has not acted because of the opposition of the neighbors, but because of the opposition of a single neighbor named Ricardo Cabezas.”

Cavacasillas emphasizes that “the location (of the center) was the result of the agreement of the City Council, the Board and Cáritas, which was the one who was going to manage it. »Almost two years after the project was launched and eight months before the elections, the Junta de Extremadura unilaterally decides to back down, which shows that its commitment is not with the city of Badajoz, but with a neighbor of Badajoz called Ricardo Cabezas«.


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