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The Badajoz College of Physicians renews its board of directors after resignations due to the case of sexual abuse

Dr. García Espada taking the oath of office together with the president of the Badajoz College of Physicians, Pedro Hidalgo. / TODAY

After the complaints of four of its employees against the senior officer of the institution, the vice president and four other members resigned

The Medical Association of Badajoz has renewed the Ethics Commission and its Board of Directors with new appointments with which the vacant positions are covered after the resignations that occurred due to the case of sexual abuse. In fact, in addition to the departure of its vice president, four more were added later.

Thus, Tomás Pérez Torralba assumes the position of first vice president and Sara García Espada as deputy secretary of the corporation. At the same time, María Beatriz Esteban Rojas, a specialist in Family and Community Medicine, has joined the Board of Directors as a member of Doctors in Precarious Employment; Inmaculada Lavado Andújar, resident doctor in General Surgery, as member of Doctors in Training and Resident Internal Doctors; Elvira María Carracedo Pérez, medical inspector at the National Social Security Institute, as a member of Public Administration Physicians: and Paloma Guillén Álvarez, specialist in Family and Community Medicine, as a member of Rural Primary Care Physicians. In addition, Arcadio Raya Isla, forensic doctor, and José Ramón Gutiérrez Casares, psychiatrist, have joined the Ethics Commission.

With these appointments, the Badajoz College of Physicians restructures its directive after the cascade of departures caused by the complaints of four of its employees against the institution’s senior officer, Javier Rayo, already fired. The complaints have led to five restraining orders, one for each of the employees and another to protect the former vice president, María Ibáñez.

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Doctor Pérez Torralba and Pedro Hidalgo. /



On the other hand, the General Assembly of the Badajoz College of Physicians, held last Monday, March 28, has approved the awarding of the corporation’s Gold Medal to the Extremadura Oncology Association (AOEx), to the Association for the Fight against Kidney Diseases (ALCER) and Dr. José Alberto Becerra Becerra, secretary of icomBA from 2005 to 2020.

The Collegiate Assembly has decided to award the Collegiate Merit Medal to doctors Gerardo Blanco, Florencio Monje Gil, Enrique Galán, Alfonso Ambel Albarrán, Andrés Bas Santacruz, Leopoldo Gil Correa, José Luis Martín Rodrigo, Carlos López Bernáldez, Emilia Martínez Tallo, Manuel Fernández Chavero, Manuel Pedraza Salazar and Fernando Blas Tabla Hinojosa.

In addition, it was agreed to name the lawyer specializing in Sanitary Law Ricardo de Lorenzo y Aparici and the financial institution Ibercaja as honorary members.

All these awards will be delivered at the 2022 Medical Profession Day gala, which will be held in Badajoz on Saturday, June 18.

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