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The Badajoz Local Police will collect the 2021 debt this month

Local police patrol Valdepasillas in March 2020, in confinement. / TODAY

The mayor assures that extraordinary services not paid in 2022 will be paid in the June payroll

Rocio Romero

The Local Police of Badajoz will collect the outstanding extraordinary services of 2021 before receiving the payroll for May, which the City Council enters on the 27th. With this step, the mayor, Ignacio Gragera, hopes that the agents abandon the pressure they exert and return to perform extraordinary services on weekends. The defaults of 2022 will be effective in the June payroll.

Gragera has appeared this Friday at a press conference with the first deputy mayor, Antonio Cavacasillas, after the local government meeting in which they have approved the provision of extraordinary shifts on holidays and weekends until the end of this year. 440 days have been authorized, of which 50 are reserved for new activities or unforeseen causes.

The mayor has recalled that a few days ago he initiated a change in the budgets to increase the amount destined to pay the agents and that this amounts to 136,000 euros. With the final approval of the accounts, which took place on Tuesday, this modification is already included. The money will be available when the budgets are published in the Official Gazette of the Province, something that is expected in the next few days.

In addition, the economic services have received this Friday the reports that prove that all the agents who demanded the collection of the extraordinary services are entitled to them. This is so because they have been able to certify that they have worked five shifts on holidays so far this year and covered 80 hours of overtime for different functions, such as training.

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The local government will convene another extraordinary government meeting to approve the payment of the money on Monday. In parallel, according to what Gragera has said, the next Economy and Finance Commission will analyze an extrajudicial acknowledgment of credit to pay the amounts owed.

As already indicated, before the May payroll they will receive another extraordinary one with the pending amounts of 2021. The City Council has three months from the time the agent covers an extraordinary service to pay it, so the mayor understands that the majority of hours owed of 2022 will be paid in a timely manner in the June payroll. Although he has also recognized that there are some January and February that are already out of time.

Gragera considers that the City Council has done everything possible to pay off the debt and asks both police unions and agents to resort to their vocation for public service, abandon their pressure measure and cover the pending shifts for the coming weekends. Among them, Los Palomos, scheduled for the next day 4. “Badajoz needs its Local Police” and “I hope that citizens can celebrate the rest of the activities” were two of her phrases.

It was the mayor who gave the press conference together with the first deputy mayor, the popular Antonio Cavacasillas, who remained silent during the appearance. The Local Police Councilor, María José Solana, was not with them. The mayor has explained that he has decided to do it this way because he “assumes responsibility” in this conflict.

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