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The Badajoz Provincial Council invests 1.5 million euros in improving the Hernán Cortés

Image of this Tuesday’s visit to the facilities of the Hernán Cortés residence. / Casimir Moreno

A kitchen and a dining room are being built, and it is planned that in the future there will be paddle tennis courts for students

The future kitchen of the Hernán Cortés Residence in Badajoz is now full of dust, bricks and masons. The walls are down and the sound of the machines can be heard throughout much of the building.

The students had been asking for a new space where they could eat for quite some time.

The new unit will consist of an area where food will be served and also a dining room with the capacity to serve 500 people a day, which will be divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts.

Outside the dining room, it is also planned to improve an existing futsal court and build two paddle tennis courts, which will force the parking spaces to be rearranged.

The president of the Diputación de Badajoz, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, visited the works on Tuesday. He reported that the kitchen will be finished in three months and will cost 864,416 euros.

Until the works are finished, the meals for the students will be served through a catering company.

He added that in the end it will be more than one and a half million euros that will be invested between the reforms made in the last year and those that are planned for the following years.

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Miguel Ángel Gallardo opens the door to expand the university residence in the future

And it is that the kitchen and the sports courts are not the only renovations that are in mind. The Hernán Cortés, which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, wants to be sustainable from an ecological point of view. That is to say that they save energy, and even propose the creation of an energy community using solar panels on the roofs. In 2021, the artistic lighting of the façade was also installed, the water boiler was changed and improvements were made to the study rooms and the gym.


Until a few years ago, students paid part of their place, and the other was paid by the center.

Now, from the Diputación it is ensured that this residence is the only one in Spain that has completely free registration.

To select the students who will live in the facilities, three main factors are taken into account: that they have a good academic record, that they do not have sufficient financial resources, and that they reside in a municipality in Extremadura.

For the course that is now starting, 262 applications have been received for 148 available places, of which 80 will be women and 68 men.

In addition, two places will be reserved for people with disabilities who have reduced mobility of at least 33%, and another two for young people with a lack of social protection. Each place supposes an expense of 8,500 euros to Diputación.

Miguel Angel Gallardo ended his speech by explaining that once all the needs of the current residence are covered, perhaps the possibility of expanding the building and thus obtaining more places for students will be assessed.

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