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The Balearic Government removes the name of the Sports Center ‘Princes of Spain’ for being Franco




The Socialist Government of the Balearic Islands has changed the name of the sports facilities of Princes of Spain because it considers that the concept “does not comply with constitutional and democratic parameters”, according to the report prepared by the Technical Committee for Memory and Democratic Recognitions. In this way, the sports center located in the Son Castelló de Palma industrial estate From now on it will be called the Sports Technification Center of the Balearic Islands (CTEIB), after the change of lettering became effective this Thursday.

As explained by the Balearic Government, owner of the facilities since 1982, the new name represents “better the function and objective of the facilities” and complies with “the Law of democratic memory and recognition of the Balearic Islands”, which considers the concept Princes of Spain. The Balearic Sports Assembly (ABE), a collegiate body attached to the Government, approved this change, which was later ratified by the Balearic Executive in November 2020. The objective was to detach the installation of a name linked to Francoism, since Princes of Spain is a title granted by Francisco Franco to the current kings emeritus Juan Carlos de Borbón and Sofía de Grecia and that was in force when the sports complex was founded in 1973.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Sports, Fina Santiago, has insisted that «The new name justifies and better accredits the function of the equipment, which currently enjoys a high degree of satisfaction, since 9 of the 18 Olympians have gone through its technification programs; in addition, we comply with the report of the Technical Committee for Memory and Democratic Recognitions that said that it was not a constitutional and democratic name.

This name change comes shortly after the Palma City Council, also governed by the PSOE in coalition with Podemos and the nationalists of Més, replaced the names of several streets in the city with Francoists, including those dedicated to admirals of the XIX century or to the city of Toledo. The controversy caused the consistory to back down on some of the changes, which he is currently studying with a new commission.

Most of the 23 sports technification programs are carried out at the CTEIB and there is the Institute of Secondary Education (IES CTEIB). Some of the most outstanding athletes from the Balearic Islands who have undergone their sports training programs are the tennis player Rafa Nadal, the swimmer Xavi Torres, the canoeist Sete Benavides, the cyclist Albert Torres, the athletes Caridad Jerez and David Bustos, the swimmers Joan Lluis Pons, Maria Fuster and Melani Costa, the boxer Youba Sissoko, the wrestler Fran Sánchez Parra, the sailors Paula Barceló and Joan Cardona, the windsurfers Mateo Sanz, the motorcyclists Joan Mir and Augusto Fernández, and the gymnasts Nicolau Mir and Cintia Rodríguez, the two currently still at the center.

In fact, of the 18 Balearic athletes that these weeks participate in the Tokyo Olympics, half -a total of 9- have gone through the sports technification programs of the Balearic Islands. They are Joan Lluís Pons, Albert Torres, Mario Mola, Joan Cardona, athlete Marc Tur, Mateo Sanz, athlete Natalia Romero, Nicolau Mir and Paula Barceló.

The CTEIB is the benchmark sports facility in the Balearic Islands, with 53,000 m2 of facilities, which have a 50m swimming pool (only for users of technical programs and organized training groups); another 25m; four clay tennis courts, four greenset courts; an athletics track, perimeter rolling ring and warm-up straight; subscribers gym; gymnasium of the Balearic Sports Foundation for exclusive use by users of modernization programs; 3-module covered multisport pavilion; martial arts room; sports gym pavilion; fight room; boxing room; natural grass field; beach volleyball field; two street basketball courts; outdoor sports courts (basketball, soccer, handball); spacious and equipped changing rooms; and non-sports facilities: minutes room, boardroom and training rooms.

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