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The Balearic Islands become the new black point of the coronavirus in Spain

Palma de Mallorca



The evolution of the pandemic in the Balearic Islands is being very worrying throughout this month of December, especially in Mallorca, which is at the highest level of health alert —4—, which means that you are in a situation of extreme risk. In recent days, the Balearic Islands have also been the Spanish community with the highest accumulated incidence of coronavirus cases. Thus, the accumulated incidence at 14 days yesterday was 462.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which represents an increase of 40% compared to just a week ago, in which in the Archipelago there was a cumulative incidence of 328.7 cases.

The negative turning point can be located, as has happened in other communities, on the Constitution bridge. However, in no other autonomy has the evolution been as alarming as in the Balearic Islands, a specific circumstance that the regional government is analyzing in depth. Last Wednesday, for example, a total of 604 new cases were recorded of Covid-19 in the Islands, which was the record of infections in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

From Europe’s example to perimeter fences

One fact to emphasize is that, since March, almost all possible epidemiological situations have occurred in the Balearic Islands, including that of being a positive benchmark at European level at the beginning of last summer. An intermediate situation was experienced last September, when two health areas in Palma and two areas in Ibiza were closed perimeter due to the increase in Covid-19 cases that occurred then. Later, last November, it was the Mallorcan city of Manacor that was also affected by a perimeter closure.

Already in December, the first decisions to try to stop the current third wave were taken just after the Constitution bridge. Thus, the Executive chaired by the socialist Francina Armengol decided to advance curfew in Mallorca at 10 p.m. from December 9. That restriction has been maintained during Christmas Eve and Christmas, as well as the limitation of a maximum of six people at family meals. Both measures will be reviewed next Monday by the Government, but everything points at the moment that they will not only be maintained, but also other measures will be added along the same lines.


Regarding the field of catering, bars and restaurants must close at 22.00, except on weekends and the eve of holidays, when closing must be at 6:00 p.m., to avoid the so-called “tardies”. In addition, economic sanctions have recently been tightened for violations of the current anti-Covid regulations when an island is at the maximum level of health alert. So, Minor offenses may be punished with fines of up to 60,000 euros in that situation. To this should be added that last Wednesday the progressive deployment of 377 informants began to influence prevention measures.

Both Armengol and the Minister of Health, the socialist Patricia Gómez, have made dramatic appeals to citizenship in recent days, appealing to everyone’s responsibility to try to stop the continuous increase in cases. But, for now, the coronavirus remains unstoppable in the Balearic Islands.

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