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The Balearic Islands will demand Catalan from music and drama teachers




Knowing Catalan to teach music or interpretation classes. It’s the last twist of the language policy of the Government of the socialist Francina Armengol, which is preparing a new regulation that will affect teachers of the Balearic Higher Conservatory of Music and Dance and also of the Balearic Higher School of Dramatic Art, who until now were exempt from knowing Catalan to teach.

The Balearic Department of Education has confirmed to ABC that «wants to put Catalan requirements for these teachers in the regulations that regulate the higher artistic entity», Since“ currently workers are not required to have a level of Catalan ”. The same sources do not detail when this requirement will come into force, since it is at the beginning of the regulation process.

“The teaching staff of higher artistic education is not affected by secondary training certificates but equivalent to university”, argue from the department of Martí March, elected position of the PSOE, recalling that all the unions of the sectorial table voted in favor except Unió Obrera Balear.

The intention of Education is that a level “equivalent” to that required of secondary education teachers is required. This would be a C1 level, an advanced level, which implies being able to «understand a wide range of long and complex texts, and recognize their implicit meaning“, In addition to” expressing oneself fluently and spontaneously, and using the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes “, according to the official website of the Government regarding mastery of the C1 level of Catalan.

Education prepares a modification of the Order of March 8, 2018, which establishes the necessary qualifications to teach classes in and in Catalan in non-university regulated education and where the equivalences and exemptions from the evaluation of the Catalan language are established and literature in non-university education.

The Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance is the public center of reference for artistic education under a special regime in music and dance on the island of Mallorca. It offers studies of flute, piano, and saxophone, among many other instruments, as well as classical dance and Spanish dance.. The professional studies are divided into a single cycle of six courses and are aimed “to train future professionals of music and dance with guarantees,” it indicates on its website.

Comparative tort

In the Superior School of Dramatic Art the teachings are given to obtain the Superior Title of Dramatic Art in the specialty of Interpretation. These studies have a duration of four years and are equivalent to a university degree, so the new requirement will mean a comparative grievance with respect to university professors, who are not obliged to accredit the language requirement.

Since he came to power in 2015, Armengol’s linguistic interventionism has been on the rise. One of the first measures was to repeal the decree of trilingualism in schools to give more weight to Catalan and also modified the Public Function Law so that Catalan was considered a requirement to work in the public administration. In her second term, since 2019, the socialist president has ceded all language policy to the most radical sector of Més, the one that militates in ERC.

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