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The Barça does not leave the dark tunnel of European width

  • The azulgrana team has been falling earlier and worse in the Champions for five years

  • After four coaches, with and without a pitchfork, the problem moves to the quality of the squad

  • Koeman admits there is “a lack of things” to compete “at the high level that competition demands

  • Piqué reappeared in a hurry, but has been in the six debacles with Ter Stegen and Messi

In the sixth consecutive debacle to say goodbye to the Champions League, Ronald Koeman he was the first to recognize Barça’s inferiority with respect to his rival. Not only in the brevity of a game, but also in the power and quality of a degenerate squad, and in which there are still three mainstays of the most splendid Barça ever known.

Saying the rival “they are better” is not the same as saying “they have been better.” And Koeman verbalized that Barça “lacks things at the high level that is required in the Champions League.” He lacks so many things that he doesn’t say goodbye just losing every year; he says goodbye busted and humiliated, each time sooner because his impoverishment has not stopped, as has been proven. Stay inside the tunnel.

With Dest and Pedri

“The light is not a change in two months. We are in the middle of the road, ”Koeman said, alleging that the rebuilding process began last summer. He has no regrets leading the group on that bumpy stony road, and will continue to “trade things” out of responsibility and keep asking for “patience.” “We play with Dest, who is 19 years old. Dest, with four more years, will be much better. Pedri, already his age, is terrific. Pedri, with five more years, will be better than everyone from the center of Paris ”, he advanced. A very distant prophecy that barely lessens the pain.

“We play with Dest, who is 19 years old; with four more years, it will be much better. Pedri, already his age, is terrific and with five years older, he will be better than everyone in the midfield of Paris ”,

Ronald Koeman / Barça Coach

The new rich of PSG inaugurated this impoverished European five-year period, precisely in the same season as now: in the first leg of the round of 16. The return, in 2017, lit up one of the few miracles of the contemporary age. Barça needs a result similar to the 6-1 of then; 1-5 in the Park of the Princes serves. But now he does not have the trident Messi, Suárez and Neymar to dream of a feat.

“They have proven to be more complete than us. They are a signed team; We are a team in transition and we have to accept it ”, analyzed Koeman, who described himself on Tuesday as“ upright and honest ”so as not to succumb to the ups and downs of the results. That was his answer when asked if he was considering quitting. He also confessed “realistic” in assessing what he has in hand. The technician feels called to carry out a reconstruction task that he wishes to complete. At least until June 30.

The alarm clock

And that 4-0 that triggered an alarm, off like the one who squeezes the off of the alarm clock, has been repeated with deafening frequency, with unbearable periodicity. Sometimes in duplicate and with nods to chance. The win conceded in Paris four years ago, later lifted at the Camp Nou, was accompanied by another 3-0 against Juventus, in Turin, which could no longer be traced. This time, Juventus won 3-0 in December in the group stage, and then came the last straw from PSG.

Ter Stegen has conceded 26 goals, Piqué has not avoided them and Messi has only scored one and a penalty

Names have also been repeated. The coaches are passing by (Luis Enrique ate Paris and Turin, Ernesto suffered the fall of Rome and Liverpool, Quique Setién took over Bayern in Lisbon), but some players remain, direct witnesses of the decline. Ter Stegen, Piqué and Messi have been the three ingredients of all the sauces. They have been to all six debacles. They have lived the derisions live, participating in them. Ter Stegen has conceded 26 goals In these six games, Piqué has been unable to protect him and Messi has only scored one goal, and from a penalty, the last, to alleviate the bleeding. Luis Suárez scored two: both against Bayern.

Partial attention

However, Koeman insisted on aligning a short-form Piqué, as aware of the response of his body after the two and a half months injured, as of the evolution of the rivals. In other words, part-time care.

The photo grabbing Mbappé by the shirt, insufficient to stop the beast, portrayed the null benefit reported by precipitating his reappearance. Lacking of synchronization, without the faculties to reach the crossing and insecure in the crash, neither did his leadership condense the team behind to camouflage the global deficiencies.

In the process of rejuvenation, Koeman made a stop: he preferred a minor Piqué of 34 years before a full Mingueza of 21

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In the rejuvenation process, Koeman made a stop: he preferred a minor Piqué of 34 years before a full Mingueza of 21. He put the hierarchy before it and it did not go well.

Suárez, fired in August, has participated in five of those catastrophes, only the one on Tuesday has been spared. Like Sergi Roberto, that he is still in the squad, and that he could not play the day before yesterday due to injury. Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba they were on the grass. Their only absence was 3-0 in Turin in 2017 and, therefore, they met PSG in 2017 and have met PSG in 2021.

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