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The Barça is divided by the management of Messi | sports

Messi, during the last league match against Osasuna.
Messi, during the last league match against Osasuna.ALBERT GEA / Reuters

Carles Tusquets y Trías de Bes (Barcelona, ​​1951) has been the president of the Barça Management Commission since the resignation on October 27 of the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu. At the age of 32 he was already president of the Cercle d’Economia, later founded Fibanc and, as a multisectoral entrepreneur, he is an expert in investment management and president of Mediolanum. His curriculum vouched for him precisely to lead the club in extreme conditions after losing the elections to the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. It hardly took a month to put the club’s papers in order, call elections for January 24 and guarantee the viability of the entity after agreeing with the players on a salary adjustment of 122 million fixed and 50 variable, an impossible pact with Bartomeu.

He endured the pressure of the candidates who urged him to summon the partners to the polls without delay and tried to govern with the complicity of the different departments of Barcelona. Until Diego Armando Maradona died and Tusquets lost the status of anonymous to become the protagonist as treasurer of the Josep Lluís Núñez board, who at 27 was decisive in the signing of 10. Tusquets was the man who had the key from the Camp Nou box when it arrived The fuzz to Barcelona and now he was the financier who had achieved the impossible mission of saving the club from bankruptcy while waiting for Bartomeu’s replacement. Tusquets has come out of anonymity to tell in Rac 1 and the SER the critical situation of Barça and, as it happened with the economic vice-president Javier Faus, he spoke of Leo Messi.

With the exception of Bartomeu, those who manage the club’s accounts tend to cite the Rosario from a very different perspective than those who manage the team, especially when they refer to the salaries that figures like Messi charge – about 100 million euros Gross according to some Barcelona sources. “Economically speaking, in the summer he would have sold Messi. It would have been desirable, “said Tusquets in Rac 1, referring to the moment when the president refused to negotiate the player’s departure after he asked to leave the club through a burofax sent to Barça’s legal services. The words of the president of the Manager hinted that the transfer of Messi would have helped to clean up some battered accounts and now horrifying due to the effects of the covid-19.

Tusquets elaborated on his explanations without attending to any corporate strategy, but in a personal capacity and as president of the Manager. He assured that in January it will not be possible to pay the players’ payrolls —they have the collection of the chips divided into two entries: one in January and the other in July—: “They have been postponed. But the agreement we have with the footballers allows us to finish the season without cash flow problems ”. And he also specified that a part of the stadium “is falling down” – we constantly have to face expenses for deterioration – and that there are invoices from the resigned board that they will not sign because they do not see them clearly; “They are not well formulated or their price is not market”, without taking into account that since 2015 he is the president of the Economic Commission, the supervisory body of Barça’s finances.

Tusquets was, therefore, in the case of Bartomeu’s management. On the other hand, he did not measure the impact his words could have on the dressing room and on Messi. The team’s spokesman is now coach Ronald Koeman: “The one who has to decide about his future is Leo himself. The best thing for us is to always try to have the best players, “he said, upset by the noise generated after the interventions by Neymar, who expressed his desire to play next season with Messi, and Tusquets. “The comments that come from outside do not interest me but if they come from the club they do not help us to have peace of mind to do our work. We cannot control the outside; from within it is different. It is not necessary ”, Koeman riveted in reference to the president of the Manager.

Koeman manages Messi as an asset waiting for him to decide in June whether to leave or renew for Barça. The coach’s hand has been decisive in stabilizing the squad, agreeing on the term of payments to the players – 40% -, looking for a game plan and tranquility for a team that has won its five Champions League games and is now trying to come back in the league. The winning dynamic coincides with times of trouble in Madrid. And yet, in a favorable context, Barça’s worst rival is Barça itself. Tusquets’ words sound like a shot at Messi’s foot. So the president of the Manager corrected himself this afternoon in Catalunya Ràdio: “I am nobody to sell Messi (…). I have no will, I can not make any decision, about his contract and I do not know if there was any offer; they tell me no “. “What has happened is that the question and the answer that were formulated about Messi has been misinterpreted,” he added. “The decision is only for the player; Koeman is right; what happens is that they have not explained well the meaning of my words ”. And he insisted: “I only talked about numbers. Nothing else. It is a truth like a temple that Messi’s departure would have been good for the club. ”Done at the wrong time, the management of 10, and the cost of its renewal or continuity, tends to divide Barça.

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