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The Barça looks at the utopia of Paris

  • Laporta, who opens on his first trip as president-elect, injects energy and optimism into the team

  • The leader greeted all the players one by one and then hugged Messi to encourage them

  • “He said a few words to us in the dressing room and there was good vibes,” Koeman acknowledged about Laporta’s visit

  • Since the conquest of Berlin-2015, the Catalans have chained disappointments and European disasters

Confused between the numerous Barça expedition that arrived this Tuesday afternoon in Paris he slipped Joan Laporta at the hotel, located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. At the foot because just 100 meters of difference separate the hotel from the majestic and imposing metallic monument, built at the end of the 19th century.

The president-elect landed with the players in a desert city. The curfew had been established at six in the afternoon, 35 minutes before the Barça expedition arrived to face a utopian appointment. Almost chimerical. Circumventing 1-4 at the Camp Nou and continuing in the Champions League or for Paris SG to swell the long list of executioners from tonight (Atlético, Juventus, Roma, Liverpool, Bayern Munich …).

“Nothing is impossible,” Koeman proclaimed before flying, already with the new president, on his way to France to try to prevent Barça from leaving Europe hastily. Something that is customary every year since Berlin-2015 when the trident Messi-Neymar-Suárez guided Luis Enrique’s team to the conquest of the fifth, and for the last moment, the European Cup that lives in the Museum. Only Leo remains because Neymar chose to go to Paris and Suárez already figured in the list of sacred cows that were sacrificed last summer to promote reconstruction.

The hug with Leo

Just before leaving the sports city of Sant Joan Despí, both the players and the coach himself were received by Laporta, along with Rafael Yuste, his inseparable friend, who will once again act as sports vice president. An effusive Laporta, an enthusiastic Laporta, able to greet, one by one, all the footballers, stopping in a heartfelt hug with Messi.

The new president has injected self-esteem and optimism into a club that has lived depressed, bored with so much misfortune in Europe

The president injected self-esteem and optimism to a club that has lived depressed, bored with so much misfortune in Europe (they are almost six years of endless torture), chaining shame after shame, symbolized in the corner of Anfield and the disaster of 2-8 of Lisbon.

Barça was used to living in boredom, with a president, Bartomeu, who did not have direct access to the dressing room, as Piqué himself revealed in his day. Now, Laporta feels happy in the melee, radiating joy to a sad and disoriented Barça. And Koeman, who has borne the brunt of the solo club for four endless months, is grateful.

“The president entered well, he said a few words to us in the dressing room and there was good vibes”

Ronald Koeman

“I know that he is a president who gives confidence to the players and is well involved in his role of helping the players and the coaches. But in the end it all depends on the results. He entered well, said a few words to us in the locker room and had good vibes. Now we must show that we are on the right track, “proclaimed the coach, who later stressed that Laporta” has a past with Leo and that is positive. I don’t know if it is a change for Leo to decide to stay. The decision is his , I hope he continues with us. ”

Dignity to compete

That “good vibes”, as Koeman defined it, has been installed in the team, which has resurfaced in the League after sneaking into the Cup final. The Champions, on the other hand, are major words for a Barça that made the mistake in the Camp Nou when it was overtaken by the gale Mbappé, who scored three goals on his most perfect night. Now, it is almost impossible to overcome the tie, no matter how much Laporta, in his appointment with the players in the locker room, asked them for dignity to compete until the last breath.

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In 2006, Rijkaard, Ronaldinho and Laporta’s Barça won the second Champions League that changed the history of the club; now fight for a chimera

In a silent Paris, with everything completely closed, trapped by the pandemic, Pochettino does not have Neymar and tries to inject “optimism” into his players, aware that he must escape the memory of a comeback (6-1) that flies through the mind of “a state club”, as defined by Laporta, who lives in anguish by the search for a Champions League. The title he lost in the Lisbon final to Flick’s ultra-perfect Bayern Munich. In 2006, and at the Stade de France, Barça de Rijkaard, Ronaldinho and Laporta raised the second orejona, which changed the history of the club. In 2021 he looks to utopia.

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