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The Barça prevails in the field of a Burgos that touched the surprise

The physicist of Barça is imposed on a San Pablo who brushed the surprise.

The physicist of Barça is imposed on a San Pablo who brushed the surprise.

The Inherit San Pablo Burgos He could not surprise Barça (69-83), in a match that was in tow but which improved the team’s image in domestic competition before the FIBA ​​windows stoppage.

The low of Nick Calathes did not affect the Barça that he found in Rokas Jokubaitis the perfect replacement as the point guard finished with 18 points and a PIR of 24 helped by Sertac Sanli who was the most outstanding while the Burgos played a very choral game.

Nico Laprovittola opened the can at the Coliseum to open the first Barça advantages on the scoreboard (3-9) although Julian Gamble he looked in the paint to cut points aided from the outside shot to tie the game (11-11).

Burgos’ defense was one of the keys to the first half, although Jasikevicius’s team dominated on the rebound. taking the first quarter of the game (16-21).

With the atmosphere of the Coliseum those of Felix alonso they sought with the less usual to approach a Barça that found in Rokas Jukobaitis the way to score although the rebound continued to be a pending issue for the Burgos (33-39).

It was difficult for the Burgos team to start, which entered the third quarter very cold, which caused Barça to go 14 points apart, but a technique to Saras Jasikevicius attached to a two plus one of Victor Benite they returned the Burgos game.

The Brazilian threw the team on his back and getting down from the psychological barrier of the 10 points Alonso’s found easy points thatand they forced the Blaugrana coach to request a timeout (46-51).

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The scoring pace became frantic, with a basket exchange that demonstrated the ambition of both teams to win the match (55-59).

The defense prevailed in the last quarter and where the partial 0-8 Almost from the beginning by those of Jasikevicius it marked the future of the meeting as San Pablo had to go in tow of that partial for the rest of the game.

The wrong accompanied the Burgos team that ended up falling 69-83, a result that did not reflect the good game that the Burgos did.

– Datasheet:

69 – Inherit San Pablo Burgos (16 + 17 + 22 + 14): Benite (12), Díez (8), Rabaseda (2), Renfroe (5) and Gamble (12) – starting five – Kravic (6), Queeley (2), Nikolic (6), Salash (3), Corbalán ( -), Braimoh (-) and McGee (12).

83 – Barça (21+18+20+24): Sanli (19), Hayes (0), Laprovittola (10), Kuric (9) and Mirotic (12) – starting five – Davis (6), Martínez (2), Smits (3), Oriola (-), Jokibaitis ( 18), Caicedo (2) and Ubal (2).

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Vicente Bultó and Iyán González.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 11 of the Endesa League held at Coliseum Burgos before 7208 spectators.

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