Sunday, June 20

The Barça remakes itself after the displeasure of the Euroleague and wins to the Penya

In just 48 hours, Barça had to do a reset to renew its motivational circuits that would allow it to forget the disappointment of the Euroleague and redirect the illusion towards the ACB League. He did it, with a hard-fought victory over Joventut (84-74) at the beginning of the play off. The second round will be on Thursday, also at 10 pm.

Sarunas Jasikevicius’s therapy worked. There was a successful scorer and there was also a defensive attitude but in a discontinuous, compulsive way. Bolmaro cemented the initial differences (8 points without failure), seconded by a comfortable Gasol who got on track 7 points in the absence of Tomic, who also added easily when they were not face to face.

In the same way that Barça soon took an 11-point lead, the blackout in the second quarter allowed La Penya to come back and be five ahead, but I can’t hold on until the break (40-38). Gasol had the help of Davies in their particular duel to wear down Tomic, which ended up overthrown and eliminated by personnel.

Ultimate Stretch

The distribution of minutes unbalanced the Catalans in some moments. There are visibly inspired men (Bolmaro, Kuric) and others off-center, such as Víctor Claver, who hit Gasol in the face, or captain Pierre Oriola, who did not play for a minute in the Cologne final and did not catch the rhythm of the game, without being able to contribute the aggressiveness that the team demanded when it bled.

Injured Calathes, the Barça leadership fell on Bolmaro and Hanga, whom Joventut did not know how to stop. Not Higgins, of course, who frustrated Carles Casas’s desire to have Barça within reach. There were too many scorers in front. He tried it with an area that interrupted the local fluidity, without succeeding at all. The azulgrana box escaped again with similar differences, when Smits joined in the fourth quarter, a guy insensitive to error and anger, so that Barça could rebuild their spirits and start fighting to save the season with the league title.

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Data sheet

FC BARCELONA: Hanga (3), Higgins (12), Abrines (5), Mirotic (11), Davies (7) -starting five-; Bolmaro (16), Kuric (5), Gasol (14), Claver (-), Orihuela (-), Smits (11).

8 of 25 triples (Bolmaro, Smits, 2); 30 rebounds, 8 offensive (Mirotic, Smits, 2); 16 assists (Hanga, Bolmaro, 4).

YOUTH: Bassas (4), Ribas (11), Parra (-), Morgan (2), Tomic (17) -starting five-; Dimitrijevic (16), Brodziansky (16), Ventura (-), Birgander (2), López-Arostegui (6), Dawson (-), Busquets (-).

5 of 13 triples (Brodziansky, 3); 32 rebounds, 7 offensive (Tomic, 3); 12 assists (Dimitrijevic, 3).

PARTIAL: 26-18; 14-20; 20-12; 24-24.

REFEREES: Perea, Caballero, Sánchez.


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