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Image of the real women campaign launched by Bo Star. .

The Spanish firm Bo Star triumphs with its timeless and flattering pieces to which the prescribers of trends surrender

Glory Salgado

It is difficult to leaf through a magazine or enter social networks and not run into a celebrity several times in a dream location clad in swimwear from the Spanish firm Bo Star. Special and very flattering pieces created by Gabriela Ortiz Lázaro (Madrid, 1976) , a former Director of Publicity for a media outlet who decided to turn her life around after a deep personal crisis. To the separation of her sentimental partner from her, with whom she had a 7-month-old baby at that time, the death of her father was added. A situation that made him rethink her professional situation, which prevented her from enjoying her little one. “It made me bitter to spend little time with him,” she laments when Ortiz remembers him.

He needed a project that would allow him to “act as a father and mother” and he thought of the fashion industry, one of his passions. But far from going easy, she thought of solving one of the problems that she, like many other women, encountered: finding swimwear to her liking. “It is very complicated that a swimsuit or a bikini bottom feel good,” says the businesswoman. As she continued her work as a publicist, she began to research fabrics and look for pattern makers with whom she could get on well to turn her idea into reality. Four years later, he left his permanent job when he was able to finance his project, which he named Bo Star, La union de Bo, after his son Bosco, and ‘star’, star in English, because he is “the star that It guides me and guided me in my worst moments. «I could have put a more commercial or inspirational name -she says-, but the project was born by Bosco and it had to be reflected».

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Images of Bo Star swimsuits and bikinis. Bottom right, Gabriela Ortiz, its founder and creative director.

With that spirit of improvement, he launched a brand that stands out for how well its garments feel, its original fabrics and its impeccable pattern, “without fillers or whalebones”. With rubber that does not mark, “so as not to feel stuffed” and materials that “reduce, hold and adapt to the body”. Fabrics are precisely one of her hallmarks, since she has a predilection for those that are not oriented towards swimwear. “The important thing for the bathroom is that they have elasticity,” explains the queen of lurex, with which she has played in different variations for five years now.

But not only triumphs with their swimwear. Now that the firm already has its own weight and entity, it has dared to make small inroads into footwear, dresses and suits that can be combined with its swimsuits, creating a complete style for women with real bodies. A very intelligent way of breaking with the seasonality of his sector that “has worked very well”, exhausting garments of which he had taken 150 batches to try on. “This is about trial and error,” she says with aplomb, despite the fact that she makes little mistake.

The prescribers of trends surrender to their clothes and, she clarifies, she never pays “for them to wear them”. It has as ambassadors the models Eugenia Silva and Vanessa Lorenzo, the ‘influencer’ Amelia Bono and the presenter Nuria Roca, but other celebrities such as Ariadne Artiles, Marta Hazas, Anine Bing, Eugenia Osborne, Carme Chaparro have also surrendered to their good work. or Sea Flowers. The designer would be “particularly excited” if the Queen wore one of her jacket suits, “who is very supportive of Spanish fashion.” “She would take it from scandal,” says Ortiz, who is also working on another of her passions, decoration, with a small collection of outdoor furniture and accessories. Loungers, side tables, cushions… Pieces that will surely also have a very good star.

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