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The beautiful 75 years of Marisa Paredes: “I have never wasted my time” | People

He has just received three job offers and the award of honor from the Nantes International Festival in France. In his green-gray eyes is the happiness with which he sums up his life. Marisa Paredes has just reached 75 years old, she fulfilled them on Saturday. “I have never wasted my time. Or, at least, not too much ”. Celebrate successes and accept mistakes. In these chairs of the Café Gijón he makes a review, and begins with this scenario. Here she came to listen to the wise men, when she was shedding adolescence and was already an actress. He debuted at 14 saying a phrase that is also in The Godfather: “They have killed compadre Turino …” There Víctor Vadorrey saw her, who sent her to see Conchita Montes, who was rehearsing at the Teatro de la Comedia. The mother, “who was a rattle: she only got angry with my father”, she could no longer deny that that adolescent began to be the life that counts today. She ran a gatehouse in the Plaza de Santa Ana; Spanish was Marisa’s neighbor, and theater, cinema, radio, television were her settings forever. Life is your stage. Here he celebrates his ages as if he were starting to toast his first success. Chance has now brought him that trio of aces: roles in three projects, one in Prague, another in Italy, another in Spain … “Ah, but I can’t give you details.”

He caresses the table, looks at the walls: “those wise men used to sit here: Fernando Fernán-Gómez, Manuel Aleixandre, José García Nieto, Pepe Díaz… Life was beginning to be interesting, and I was 15 years old. I started listening to discuss… I thus learned politics, art, literature. I learned about what to do, and what not to do… and I didn’t do them ”. She learned “not to forget where you come from, not to forget the teachers… My mother used to say: ‘We women were only people with rights with the Republic: the right to vote, civil marriage…, so many rights that Franco canceled’. In short, independence. For my mother I am here, my support, my accomplice. She and my grandmother taught me not to be afraid … My grandmother, Gabriela Criado, they called her La Gualixa, because she was from Guadalix de la Sierra, she was a country woman, she had 11 children, three still survive, one of them is 99 years old. ”.

She learned to read alone, “because a neighbor had comics”, and to have “my own dreams”. They were dreams “infinite, big, very powerful, to achieve whatever it was … My mother told me: ‘Marisita, daughter, fight for what you want.” When he went to see Conchita Montes, he dressed when he was older, “because she was already tall and stretched out, but she was 15 years old. I have never been small, not even of soul! ” Beautiful times, and hard times. Pedophiles who were chasing the girls were in the square. Exhibitionists’ first time is hard to get out of your head. The dictatorship, repression, silence and fear. “All said in a low voice. All secret. Everybody was scared. And in the houses the silence was scary ”. The fear of the father. “Daddy’s coming … That scare.”

At the age of eight he fell in love, and then he fell in love many times. With Antonio Isasi Isasmendi had Maria, his only daughter, “the flower of my life!”, Who is also an actress. “I learned from my mother that I shouldn’t get married, there was no divorce! My father said that he would not look at either the mother or the daughter if Antonio did not marry. Then he was the most affectionate grandfather ”. She and Isasi had “a life project together”, but it did not go beyond seven years of relationship. “We had a plot in Pozuelo, where my father made a vegetable garden. The story, like all, has an ending. María was six years old, disagreements and my disagreements began between Antonio and me. The age difference (17 years) also marked a difference in projects ”. Falling in love, she had other loves, until 30 years ago she found Chema Prado, photographer, artist, former director of the National Film Library, “with a very tough character, a bit stubborn, very honest, capable of saying no to things that many would say Yes”.

The work gave him unforgettable proper names. Lluis Pasqual, “the one who trusted me the most”; and Pedro Almodóvar, “definitive in my life, for his sense of freedom and commitment to work.” One cannot forget Cayetano Luca de Tena, Juan Guerrero Zamora, Josefina Molina, Pilar Miró, and María Asquerino. And she cannot forget when, president of the Film Academy, she starred with her colleagues in that “No to War” against the Iraq war in which, in 2004, Aznar intruded on Spain. “A historical moment of great significance. An act of freedom. The whole country denied the war and that lie about the weapons of mass destruction. The whole profession came out and everyone followed that cry … I put in a shoe box, going to the gala, the stickers of ‘No to War’ His mother, those teachings of freedom, are reborn, in this space of Café Gijón, with that memory of a woman screaming against war in the temple of her trade. Upon leaving, he counts the offers that have just arrived, inside and outside the country. “I am reborn, full of energy. And I’m going to be a grandmother! ” Marisita feels full when she turns 75.

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