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The Bejís fire already devastates 19,000 hectares and is still active

Firefighters battle the advancing flames. / PROVINCIAL CONSORCI OF FIREFIGHTERS OF CASTELLO

The authorities consider the fire in Vall d’Ebo and the one in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park as stabilized

The Minister of the Interior, Gabriela Bravo, reported this Friday that the Bejís fire has already burned 19,000 hectares of mountains and forests, with a perimeter of around one hundred kilometers.

The Bejís fire is at the gates of the Sierra Calderona natural park. Perhaps that was the reason why, around 01:45 a.m., the residents of the municipalities of Olocau, Marines and Gátova alerted 112 that a focus of the Castellón fire was being registered in the closest mountains. Upon reaching the place of the flames, the Emergency personnel confirmed that it was a new fire that is declared within the natural park. At 08:16 a.m., it was notified by 112 that “at the request of the mayor of Olocau, the preventive confinement of the population of Olocau is instructed.”

The new fire, relatively close to the place reached by the Bejís fire, is registered in the Castillo del Real area, a place “of difficult access for land means”, so without aerial troops it has been impossible to work on the area during the dawn. The inhabitants of the town of Olocau have had to be confined due to the proximity of the flames of both fires. Authorities now consider the fire under control.

Bejís fire out of control

“Most virulent” behavior of the Bejís fire “in the area of ​​the Cueva Santa and in the southeastern part”. This has been the first update of the 112 of the Generalitat Valenciana on this Friday, August 19, due to the evolution of the fire that burns the interior of the provinces of Castellón and Valencia. The firefighters have fought against the advance of the flames in the area of ​​​​Altitude during a night in which, yes, “the flames have had a slow evolution.” From early in the morning the column of smoke becomes visible crossing the entire Calderona. And this is the main objective of the firefighters of the Community, to save the Sierra Calderona from a fire that is still out of control.

The fire has “slow progress”, although the Civil Guard and Environmental Agents have already notified the inhabitants of Olocau “so that they are on alert due to the fire situation.” On the afternoon of this Thursday, it was the Serra City Council that put the neighbors on alert before the advance of the flames due to the possibility that they could access the natural park.

Since 112 it has been highlighted that “during the night there has been favorable weather, with low temperatures and a constant light wind from the northwest component.” For this Friday morning, strong gusts of wind are expected in the northern third of the Community, so the advance of the flames could intensify. From dawn, the troops displaced to the area will concentrate their efforts on the southeast front and “attacking the hottest points in the tail areas.”

Good news in Alicante

The fire that devastated Vall d’Ebo since Saturday night has been stabilized this Friday at 10:00. It has burned a total of 12,150 hectares of land in 100 kilometers of perimeter.

The incident has left a deep mark on numerous towns in the valleys that connect the coast of Oliva and Dénia with the foothills that reach Alcoi. Meanwhile, the Government delegate, Pilar Bernabé, pointed out regarding the surveillance of abandoned properties in this area that the Civil Guard has launched a device to prevent theft, once the roadblocks have ended and while the houses are occupying little by little.

From the Consortium they have indicated that they continue to work to secure the area and avoid outbreaks and that aerial surveillance is maintained. On the ground, work is being done to discover and put out possible flames and to cool the perimeter with water. The earth is also being removed to reach the mineral soil and thus avoid plant continuity that could favor reproduction.


The residents of the Vall d’Ebo area encounter the effects of the fire when they return to their homes /


Rest of Spain

Emergency personnel have been working since 2:00 a.m. this Friday in the forest fire declared in the Cerro Mallén de Casabermeja area, in the province of Málaga. Aerial means have already been incorporated into the work at dawn.

On Thursday, two fires in Estepona and Casares were extinguished, after hours of work since they had started the previous day.

In Castilla-La Mancha, the Moropeche forest fire, in the municipality of Yeste (Albacete), has been stabilized and the residents of the district of La Tejeruela can now return to their homes, as reported by the Prevention Service and Extinction of Forest Fires.

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