Monday, January 25

The Benidorm City Council will allow teleworking to officials who are not facing the public

The City Council will regulate the teleworking of its officials through a regulation that will be approved on Monday in plenary session.

The City Council will regulate the teleworking of its officials through a regulation that will be approved on Monday in plenary session.

Next Monday, November 30, the local government team of the Benidorm City Council, from the Popular Party, will raise the Regulation for the Implementation of Telework in the Benidorm City Council in plenary session. The Councilor for Human Resources, Ángela Zaragozí, recalled that “based on the decree of the Government of Spain of October 30, we had six months to regulate telework; We have been able to anticipate a period to which we have been able to anticipate, as well as other higher administrations, because, as we have already indicated, for months we have been working on this regulation in view of the fact that the remote work modality had given good results during the confinement ”.

“In fact,” he added, “during that time it has been shown that it is an effective instrument for the general interest and valid, provided it is used with responsibility and professionalism; while it has been very well received by municipal staff and with whom, in addition, favors the reconciliation of personal, family and work life “.

Zaragozí reported that the Regulations were discussed last Friday at the General Negotiation Table with the unions, “who made their contributions and included these in the document that will be voted on on Monday.” He also indicated that, broadly speaking, the document establishes that municipal employees “who occupy positions that do not require the provision of face-to-face services, may request to take advantage of this type of work, being excluded in any case the temporary personnel ”.

The mayor has indicated that it will be a “technical commission” that is in charge of assessing and, where appropriate, authorize telework requests, “giving priority to vulnerable or at-risk personnel, pregnant women, workers with health disorders that affect mobility, personnel with dependent elders or minors, and single-parent families ”.

The Regulation also includes the obligation of the City Council to facilitate the technological means and connections necessary for the performance of remote work.

The Councilor for Human Resources has stressed that “with the regulation of telework we facilitate the City Council to continue to function in possible emergency situations, also preserving the health of municipal workers in exceptional situations of health alert; at the same time that we achieve a modern and agile administration for a city permeable to innovation ”.

After its initial approval and publication in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP), a period of 30 days will be opened for the presentation of claims or suggestions that will be studied for their possible incorporation into the final document. Later the Regulation will return to the plenary session for its final approval.

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