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The best accessories to create TikTok videos at home

After disappeared to make way for TikTok, the rise of this social network was increasing more and more, having the pandemic and the confinement that we all suffer as its high point, since suddenly many people discovered that they could have fun watching short videos in the same app.

And it is that one of the most interesting parts of Tiktok is its variety, because you can find dances (many), songs, imitations or pieces of television programs, but you can also see cooking recipes, animated shorts, humor, book reviews , experts in comics, paranormal themes, terror and much more.

In other words, the great virtue of this social network is its versatility, since it offers all kinds of topics so that you can always find a video that you like. In addition, the algorithm with which it works ends up knowing our tastes by the time we spend for certain videos, by the comments we give and by the likes, and then offers us to see those that it knows we are going to like.

In summary, both for creators and for users, it is not surprising that it is the most successful social network at the moment.

Accessories for any tiktoker

If we want to be tiktokers or we already are, but our idea is to make quality videos, there is no doubt that we will need to have something very present, we must take care of the details as much as possible.

It must be clear that the videos where the good image, good sound, good shots, etc. prevail, in addition to having a lot of work behind them, also have a series of parameters that will be essential so that everything turns out almost at a cinematographic level. .

These details are:

  • Lightning: It is essential that we have good lighting in the scenes that we are going to record. Obviously, the fact that we are outdoors and it is sunny will help us in this task, but this is not always the case, so we must use accessories to achieve the best clarity.
  • Sound: obviously if we have a good image, the sound becomes essential to achieve a set of true quality. In addition, the audio on TikTok becomes even more important than on other social networks, because when seen on the mobile, it takes on greater importance.
  • Stabilization: Another issue to keep in mind is that we can use a tripod to record what we want when we are standing still, but if we make a video while walking, it would be best to buy a gimbal, that is, an image stabilizer to place on our own mobile when recording.
  • Decor: Another thing we can put a little love on is the decoration that will be seen behind us when we record for TikTok. We can put lights that change color, vinyl or LEDs, in addition to the furniture that the area where we are going to record has.
  • goals: We can use different types of lenses for the smartphone that will give originality and in some cases more professionalism to the videos.
  • external batteries: the last of the accessories that we recommend is something that is not going to be used to give more “glamour” to the videos, but is much more technical, since it is about having powerful external batteries to be able to recharge what we need, especially if we are away from home.


Undoubtedly in this section the kings of lighting for tiktokers are the rings of light that are placed on the smartphone, which will have different types of lighting and are not annoying at all.

We can find them in large tripods to be able to record standing up, as the model of Neewer (113.99 euros), with which you will also get 5,500 K, with a 48 cm light ring and a support that can reach 1.55 meters in height.

If you usually record sitting down, you can also take advantage of the model Yoozon (9.34 euros), whose 10-inch light ring allows you 3 different colors and 10 different types of brightness.

We still have more options, since you can even attach a ring light directly to the smartphone with the adapter KSIX (6.99 euros) and not depend on any tripod.


In tiktok, sound is paramount, not only because it is seen on a smartphone, but also because it has been shown that videos with better audio, but not as good video, work better than the other way around.

We can choose a table microphone and here hardly anyone has any doubts, since the Blue Yeti X (141.62 euros) is one of the best (for many the best) on the market, especially for its excellent value for money.

We can choose a single microphonebut effective so that it goes directly to the smartphone, as is the model RODE SmartLav Plus (52.20 euros), this being a device of tie type.

If your mobile is a iPhone or iPad with the Lighting connector you can choose a simor (35.90 euros), also a tie and also goes directly to the terminal.

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To stabilize the smartphone when recording, we must only take into account whether we will be standing or walking, since if we do it standing up with a tripod it will help us, but if we are going to walk or move, it is best to buy a image stabilizer (gimbal).

Unemployed we can choose a tripod like the one offered VicTiv (23.98 euros), which in addition to being extendable up to 172 cm and having a remote control, is also valid for both smartphones and cameras, including SLR type.

Another option is to put a tripod, but for the table, As the JOBY GripTight ONe (39.89 euros), which also has remote access, universal support and is magnetic.

If we need a gimbal to stabilize while we walk we can use a DJI OM4 SE (89 euros) or opt for a Zhiyun Smooth Q3 (89 euros).


The decoration in the videos is an important part, since it will be what is seen behind you and depending on the type of video you make, it can give personality to your channel.

Something that would look great in the decoration are the signsneon signs as the ineonlife (32.99 euros), which are true wonders with multiple forms.

You can choose from illuminated drawings of ships, controllers, consoles, chips, waves and many more.

We can place ambient light taking advantage of accessories such as bars Philips Hue Play (57.57 euros) or placing LEDs with the strips Govee (16.14 euros).


Within the world of smartphone lenses there is a great variety and everything will depend on what effect you want to achieve.

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The best and most advisable thing is to buy a goal pack and thus have where to choose the one that best suits each situation. For that we have the kit Bostionye (34.98 euros), which includes 8 lenses: 20x telephoto lens, 0.63X wide angle lens, 15X macro lens, 198 ° fisheye lens, 2X telephoto lens, kaleidoscope, 4-wire star filter and CPL filter.

external batteries

And, finally, external batteries are not accessories to help us in the recording, but they can be very useful, especially if we go outside. For example, we go camping and we want to record our daily video, but we have low battery, these devices will help us to recover the charge that we have spent.

So that it can charge the smartphone several times if we need it, it must be a battery with a lot of power, such as the anker power bank (34.99 euros) of 20,000 mAh or the JIGA Powerbank (30.55 euros) with 30,000 mAh.

With everything you’ve seen, you’ll be able to have some quality TikTok videos with which to get many people to follow you from now on.

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