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The best alternatives to Google Chromecast that you can buy in 2022

The Chromecast is usually the best-selling device and is constantly being updated, but there are many alternatives that we can buy with very similar features. We are going to show you devices that are for sale and you can buy right now.

Google’s Chromecast is the best known device to turn any television into a SmartTV. In fact, we can make any display with HDMI, or with HDMI adapters, enjoy the benefits of a smart device that connects to mobile.

Previously we have told you what Chromecast is in case you did not know it. The Google device, as we say, connects to the television via HDMI to allow us to enjoy applications and mirroring mobile or PC thanks to Chrome and Edge. Since 2013, it has evolved a lot and is already allows us to enjoy content in 4K and HDR.

But if you want to know the latest model, when we reviewed Google Chromecast 2020 the highlight seemed to us to be the remote (finally!) and that it works up to 4K 60 fps and Dolby Vision.

The new Chromecast comes with many improvements, such as 4K resolution and a completely new interface. It’s officially on sale now.

Not everything has to be Google and many may be interested in looking at other options. This is not a big problem, since if we want alternatives to Chromecastthere are quite a few and of great quality.

But now let’s focus on the best alternatives for Chromecast. And it is that, the Google device is not perfect and there are many devices that allow us to perform similar functions, as well as expanding the spectrum with its own applications and functions. In the following lines we will see the best alternatives to Chromecast in 2022.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite
  2. Xiaomi Mi TV Box S
  3. AppleTV
  4. realme 4K Smart TV Stick
  5. NVIDIA ShieldTV Pro
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Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

This streaming device is more powerful than the standard model of the previous generation, and has an Alexa remote, although without volume buttons, integrated.

We arrived at one of the crown jewels of Amazon hardwarethe Fire Stick TV Liteone of the best alternatives to Chromecast and a device that is basically a miniature computer that we connect to the HDMI of our television.

Count with one own operating system, so it does not have access to Android applications, but it does have its own app store, among which Movistar Plus or Plex stand out, for example. In addition, the range of Amazon applications is also available, such as Prime Video.

If you want a device to play content, you have a huge catalog here (that is enjoyed more with a Prime subscription, Sure). There is also Netflix, applications to create a server at home and the possibility of playing certain games. It has Full HD resolution.

Its current price is 29.99 euros.

If you want to opt for the version compatible with 4K and also with WiFi 6, we recommend Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K max, which is available for 64.99 euros.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

Mi Box S comes with Android 8.1, it’s easy to use, it allows voice searches and it has Chromecast to offer you multimedia content on your TV for the whole family.

An alternative to Chromecast that is very interestinglike almost everything Xiaomi launches, is the Mi Box S. It is an Android TV that, in addition to turn our television into a complete SmartTV with Android 8allows us to mirror the mobile thanks to the built-in Chromecast.

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Its design is practically the same as that of the Apple TV and it has all the apps that we want thanks to the Google store. It has the capacity to play video at 4K HDRa very interesting remote control (with Netflix button) and also allows us to connect a Bluetooth controller to enjoy video games.

For about 65 euros on Amazon, it is perhaps the best alternative to Chromecast. In AliExpress you can find it cheaper, for about 53 euros.


If you want to watch Apple TV series on your TV, this is undoubtedly the best option. It also includes access to apps from other platforms such as Netflix or HBO.

A different alternative to Chromecast is Apple TV 4K. It is Apple’s multimedia center to turn a television into a Smart TV, although of course, it is very limited to what Apple wants.

It has applications, like Prime Video, HBO or Netflix, but it also has Siri and access to the App Store, which allows us to download applications. In addition, we can connect our iOS device through AirPlay to see the content of our iPhone or iPad on the big screen.

It has 32 GB and 64 GB storage options, a high-quality controller that allows us to enjoy video games and great navigation, it is compatible with video 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos sound… and it goes to 199 euros in 32 GB or 219 euros with 64 GB.

It is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast if we have an iPhone, but it is not cheap.

realme 4K Smart TV Stick

realme also has its own Chromecast. And we say it clearly, it is possibly the most similar product to a Google Chromecast that you will be able to buy right now since it has practically the same characteristics and has Google TV.

realme 4K Smart TV Stick is a stick that you connect directly to your TV and is compatible with 4K video and HDR 10+.

It has a remote control with a button to speak to the Google assistant, direct access buttons and both infrared and Bluetooth connection.

You can get it on Amazon for 64.99 euros. In AliExpress it is available for 56.49 euros.



If money is not a problemyou can opt for one of the best alternatives to Chromecast, which is also a very powerful device and a real console to enjoy the latest video games via streaming.

The NVIDIA ShieldTV Pro It is a device with an Android operating system, which means that it has Movistar+, Plex, Kodi, Netflix and all the applications that come to mind, but it also allows us to enjoy video games in two different ways.

One of them is doing streaming from our PC with GTX card. The other way is by subscription to the Nvidia system to play PC games with the best quality via streaming.

It has a remote control and a video game controller, both with a voice recognition system, it is capable of playing content at 4K resolution and, as we say, it is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast based on Android TV.

You can get the standard model for 174 euros or the more powerful Pro model for 219 euros.

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