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The best app stores for Android outside of Google Play

The place where all the owners of an Android terminal first go to download an application is the Google Play Store official storemainly because we all have it already pre-installed on our mobile devices and because the catalog of applications is absolutely overwhelming.

However, there are third-party app stores that can be close to the official one, even offering tools that are not in the big G store, but that can be extremely interesting. Many of these stores have catalogs not far from the number of applications that the Play Store has.

Let’s see which are the ones that can perfectly compete with the official store and help us to have more download options.

App stores for Android devices:


this is a store extremely popular that has the same free applications that appear on Google Play, being able to choose the version to download and even having betas of various apps as popular as WhatsApp.

The layout and design of the website is really good, with great ease of search. The only drawback we have is that they have not released a mobile phone version and we have to do everything through the web. In this case download the apk-file on mobile and it runs.


It’s that simple, yes, you have to give the application permissions so that it can be installed from an external file.

Something essential if we want to enjoy the apps that we download in APK, be it in APKMirror or any other site.


It is a store in whose catalog there are only free toolssince they are based on the concept FOSS, i.e. Free and Open Source Softwarewhich comes to mean free software with open source code.

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This means that the main paid applications that exist will not be present, but in return we will have other similar ones. open source type that can be equal to or more effective than the famous ones.

From the website you can download the apk files and from the installable application on your Android terminal as well.



This store was considered by many and for many years as the great alternative to the Play Store, since it also has its own application that is unstable on mobile devices and its catalog is enormous.

As usual, the Google store has many more users, but currently Aptoide is one of the most used in the world.


The number of tools is very large and by having a version to install on the mobile or tablet, you can always keep track of the apps that are installed and get them updated.

Of course, it has to be manually.


It is a website that is mainly dedicated to serving all those terminals that cannot have Google Play for whatever reason.

SlideME is offered as the alternative to all those who cannot use the official and the truth is that for the number of apps it is not bad at all.


The problem is that, despite having a good catalog, there are applications that are basic today, such as WhatsApp or Instagram, which do not appear in this catalog.

That yes, they are only a few.


It is a Spanish company that, in addition to having Web pageyou can also install your own on our device with Android operating system, to make it easier for us to search for apps and receive the relevant updates.

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Uptodown has a lot of software, including old versions of the applications themselves in case we need to install an earlier version than the latest for whatever reason. The app calls this function roll-back.


They can be installed in APK, XAPK and even the so-called Android App Pundle format.

This Uptodown app can backup files in XAPK format.

Bad life

This is another Spanish store with a such an extensive catalog that could compete face to face with the Play Sore. Plus, it’s really fast when it comes to getting new software to download.

all know download in APK and it is installed thanks to this type of Android executable files, as long as we give the file permission to be installed on our mobile or tablet.

Bad life

The entire catalog is divided into categories so that we can enter apps more easily, although we have a search engine that is very comfortable.

To this we must add the tutorials, tricks and secrets of many of the tools that they themselves offer for download. And all free.


APKpure has a web version, but it can also be installed on an Android terminal or a tablet, it doesn’t matter. Like many that we have already seen, download the apk-file or XPK and then it is installed on the device, being able to do it from the web or from the store version for Android.

Can upload apk files without problem, within a verification page where we only have to say if it is an original version or it is modified, so that it appears in the catalog. In addition, by being able to register, it will offer us services that are mainly from the region where we are, but also from outside.

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With all the stores that we have shown you, you will be able to choose all your apps well, downloading them from one or the other indistinctly, you could even use them all at the same time.

What is clear is that they are all excellent alternatives to the Play Store. Not only can we live off Google’s domain, we also have options outside that are very attractive.


The Huawei company launched its own app store when the US cut off the tap to use Google services, which of course includes access to the Google Play Store.

They have been adding applications for a couple of years now and certainly the most important ones on the market are already available. It is an Android mobile application that you can download from its website.

The interesting thing about this option is that it is an application manager, that is, you will be able to receive notifications when there is an update of any of the apps installed from AppGallery.


As you can see, we have left you with a fairly long list of stores with which surely many can begin to realize that there is life in Android beyond Google.

And if not, you always have the option to trust third-party apks or even transfer applications from one mobile to another.

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