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The best applications if you are a content creator

If you are a content creator, we have a list of applications that will help you on a day-to-day basis, both to upload stories on Instagram and if you want to manage your channel.

Jobs change, appear and disappear. In the period of time that we have had to live where millions of users crowd behind screens that are the size of their hands A new type of employment has emerged and this is that of people dedicated to creating content for social networks.

Yes, creating content is a job. And, it is that, The fact of uploading videos to YouTube or making direct broadcasts on Twitch does not mean that these people do not carry out a work activity. In fact, the vast majority of these people are self-employed in the self-employment regime of our borders. Come on, they do a job like any other.

Bearing all this in mind, we are going to try to facilitate the work of these people with a series of applications that can be used from the Android mobile device. They are all free, although they have payment options that are much more advanced. Of course, if you don’t feel like working, we have also compiled a list of interesting games.


Let’s start with the queen of design apps, Canva. This application is one of the most recommended in general and, in fact, has millions of users. The most interesting thing about this application is that it is both a powerful video editor and a powerful photo editor, and all this with thousands of designs already integrated into the application. Direct download link to the Play Store.

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PixelFlow – Intro, Outro, Logo, Text Animation

The next application on the list is quite interesting for those people who have started to create content, but who don’t have much idea when it comes to animating in specialized programs such as After Effects. What PixelFlow does is offer animation templates for both the intro and outro of the videos and even for the text labels that are included during the video. Direct download link to the Play Store.

BeFunky Photo Editor

This is a photo editor that has little to envy Photoshop and, in fact, has a large number of completely free features. The best thing that can be found within this application is the possibility of being able to remove the background of the photos with a couple of clicks and, in addition, create collages or montages to use them in the thumbnails. Direct download link to the Play Store.

video shop

When it comes to editing videos from your mobile, the truth is that there are options, but many of them are quite basic and, therefore, they do not convince content creators. Videoshop is a fairly powerful video editor that allows us to quickly edit a couple of clips together with the possibility of adding effects, music and transitions. Direct download link to the Play Store.


Ripl is an application that allows us to do many things, among them is the ability to create and schedule publications for the social networks that we decide to link to. Besides, It has an infinite number of templates along with the possibility of creating labels in which to write messages within the publications. It is quite a useful tool for Instagram stories. Direct download link to the Play Store.

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TubeBuddy serves as an extension to YouTube with which to manage the channel much better. The way it works is that the content creators will be able to see the positioning of the video, if it is working, the interactions and even manage the comments. that have been made within the video itself. Direct download link to the Play Store.

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