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The best applications to get the most out of your Android tablet

If you have an Android tablet, the best thing you can do right now is to install one of the following applications to get the most out of this device.

Tablets are experiencing a new renaissance thanks to the commitment that comes from new manufacturers such as realme or the return of big brands to this sector, this being the situation when we talk about Xiaomi. Of course, we must not forget the companies that have endured the type during all these years such as Samsung or Huawei.

By having new companies that bet on this format, there are more and more users who are looking to get hold of a tablet for different purposes, from consuming multimedia content to reading books, comics and manga. Taking into account that they are devices with multiple uses, we have decided to compile a series of applications to make the most of their potential.

The content is quite varied and, in fact, it is most likely that you will find an application that you did not know and that you need to have installed on your tablet. Of course, if you are interested in other types of content, we have also made compilations in which we choose the best games or the most curious applications in the Google application store.


This may be the application par excellence when using any Android device. And, is that, VLC is the best player out there for many platforms. It is compatible with a large number of formats, supports external subtitles, and can also be configured to access content on servers. Direct link to the Google app store.

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The case of Pocket is quite curious because it is an application designed to be used as a mixed bag. In fact, the way to use Pocket is to send different contents that cannot be read, seen or listened to when they are found. It is a perfect space for a future distraction. Direct link to the Google app store.

Collaborate Office: LibreOffice, OpenOffice and more

Tablets are not only used to enjoy different types of content, they can also be used to work and in these cases we have discovered two applications that work perfectly in this type of situation. The first is Collabora Office, which is a set of office applications. Direct link to the Google app store.

MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo is also a productivity app, although the way it works is quite different. In fact, we consider it rather an application designed for students of different levels. What this application allows is to create notes, modify them, write over them and draw. Direct link to the Google app store.

sketch book

In line with the drawings we are facing one of the best applications for those people with artistic talents. This application is called Sketchbook and what it allows you to do is make any type of drawing you have in mind, as well as being able to work in layers, have a lot of brushes and different tools. Direct link to the Google app store.


If you are a person who reads anywhere and anytime, it is essential that you have Amazon Kindle installed on your tablet. Despite the fact that it is an application that can be installed on any mobile device, the truth is that it is much more worth installing it on a tablet since the letters or drawings of the comics will be better seen. Direct link to the Google app store.

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Krita is the last app on the list and it’s designed to make drawing even more professional. In fact, the way you work within this application has nothing to envy Photoshop or Illustrator. Different individual layers can be created, modified and making a very professional drawing. Direct link to the Google app store.

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