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The best apps for the status bar on MacOS

The truth is that the MacOS status bar is a bit missing from the day-to-day life of users of this operating system.

But it seems that the developers want it to stop, and so they offer a wide variety of uses, as well as ways in which the status bar can be much more effective.

There is a huge variety of applications that can be added to the status bar, regardless of whether we want them for work or personal use, since there is a lot to choose from.

All the ones we present to you are an excellent way to save time and effort, amplifying interest.

Best Apps for the Status Bar on MacOS:


Instead of having to open the Calendar app With this tool, which is downloaded from the Mac App Store, you can do what you want the status bar.

In the preview we will see a monthly view, also allowing the number of the week to be seen.

You can be anywhere in MacOS and, with a quick movement on the bar with the mouse, obtain the information of said calendar.

Hand Mirror

Video calls are key today, especially at work, where it has been established as a highly effective form of communication.

With this free app to download from the Mac App Stores, you can make sure that you and everything around you is prepared for a perfect video call. That is to say, it is a kind of preview before going live.

In this way we can clean the room if necessary, comb our hair or the like.

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This is an application that we help with all the distractions that we have today on a computer, be it news, social networks or other types of notifications.

We can set the duration of the periods of concentration and how long the breaks will lastfully customizing the best balance between work and rest.

Flow also has a section where we can give permission to certain websites so that they can distract us with their notifications.

Cheat Sheet

Surely it has happened to more than one of you that when you want to use a Mac function, we find that we have to navigate through the operating system within menus and submenus, knowing that there are a keyboard shortcut I would have done it the first time.

That’s what CheatSheet is for, which provides a list of keyboard shortcuts for whatever app you’re using at that particular moment. Can quick access to a reference sheet which can save you an enormous amount of time.


ColorSlurp allows choose the exact colors you need very exactly, thanks to a quick overview in the aspect bar, identifying the color you want and being able to copy it to a photo editing program.

It is a very positive application for graphic designers, web developers, people who often use PhotoShop-type programs, etc.

The main thing is the amazing time saver what it means, since it is selected very quickly, but above all the precise which turns out to have the colors, especially when compared to using screenshots, for example.

iStat Menus

Whether you’re an advanced user or just like to see how the computer works internally with Mac, iStat Menus 6 will show information that at any given moment we might need.

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Is a system monitoring app, so we can see how the computer is working, both the CPU and the GPU, memory statistics, memory usage, temperatures, disk usage or battery levels. All this can be seen in the status bar in a very successful way and with only a few icons.

Another thing that is very attractive is that it is also highly customizable, so you can choose exactly what information you want to see and how it looks.

Is a too bad all this is not freeso if we want it, we will have to pay $8.99 from the Mac App Store or $13.49 from the iStat website, an offer that also includes 6 months of weather data.

Air Buddy 2.5

It is an application that allows us easily check the battery status of our AirPods clicking on the dedicated box in the status bar will display the devices.

Others functions that can be very useful they are the ability to change noise cancellation settings via a keyboard shortcut or connect to a nearby device without you doing anything else.

The 2.5 update comes with new features like the fact that it will now work with devices other than Apple or Beats.

Control Center

Control Center comes preconfigured in the operating systemso it’s the official one, but we had to name it understandably too.

It’s the macOS equivalent of the iOS feature of the same name, which first appeared in macOS Big Sur in 2020.

This tool us provides control over a series of parameters that could be considered essential, such as WiFi, Bluetooth or Airdrop. But not everything stops there, since the brightness, volume and multimedia controls that are being played are also controlled from here.

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Finally, there are options for the focus mode Y Screen Mirroringthey will also have their accessibility shortcuts if we want it ourselves.

Normally, all this is already preconfigured, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t put it the way we like it best and placing different faculties, in addition to adding those that we believe are essential.

Now that you know some of the best apps out there for the macOS status bar, you can try them all and decide if you like them or not.

You can tell us which one is your favorite or the one that has been the best for you on our social networks.

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