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The best Christmas Lottery announcements of recent years, Lotera Navidad 2020

Christmas Lottery FAQ

Frequent questions

Is a broken ticket valid?
If your tenth is damaged, you must present it to an administration so that it can be referred to Loterías y Apuestas del Estado for review.

Previous Loter Draws

Previous draws

Information about the last Christmas Lottery draw. Check the news of the previous Christmas draw and discover the winning numbers.

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Are you messing with the vocabulary of the Christmas Lottery?
Tenth, series, ticket … the Christmas Lottery has a wide vocabulary, do you want to know it?

Tenth, series, ticket … these terms may not be familiar to some people, so below we show the basic terminology to know what you need to know for the next SChristmas raffle to be held on December 22.

WIRE: threads that are part of the tables in which the balls of numbers and prizes are placed. The balls are arranged in such a way that it is easier to relate the numbers to the prizes.

TICKET: composed of ten tenths that have the same number and belong to the same series. The raffle consists of 170 series and 170 tickets are issued from each number.

TENTH: it is the same as a ticket and is one-tenth of a ticket.

SERIE: set of banknotes of the same number. Each series consists of 100,000 banknotes.

BALLS: There are two types of balls, those of numbers, which are 100,000 and those of prizes, which are 1,807. All these balls are made of boxwood, weigh about three grams and have the numbers and letters laser engraved.

PUMPS: there are two, the largest one keeps the numbers while the smallest is for the prizes.

KEYCHAINS: This is how the three people who have the key to open the door of the podium on December 22 are known.

CUP: container into which the balls fall from the drums. After falling, the children sing the prize or the number that comes out. In the event that two balls fall by mistake, the one that is below in the cup will be called.

DONATION: Surcharge charged by organizations for lottery sales outside administrations.

GORDO: name by which the first prize of the Christmas lottery is known.

LIRAS: mechanism in which the balls are placed in an orderly manner and that allows them to be checked before the draw. There are a total of 200 lire and each of them can hold 500 balls.

UMBRELLA: device used to hang the lyres arranged to dump them into the hopper.

PARTICIPATION: part in which a tenth is divided through a receipt that establishes the number to be bet on and the amount of money that would be received if the number were awarded.

STONE: set of minor lottery prizes. Each ticket awarded with a stone receives 1,000 euros and each tenth 100.

REFUND: banknotes in which the last number coincides with that of the ‘Gordo’. The holder of the tenth is awarded with the same amount played.

TABLE: place where the prize balls and numbers are inserted in order of departure once they have already been called. Each table consists of 200 balls arranged in 10 wires each containing 20 prize balls and 20 numbers.

HOPPER: transparent container used to transfer the balls from the lyres to the bass drums.

TRUMPET: instrument where the prize balls and numbers slide from the drums to the cup. to the glass, where they are collected by the children.

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