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The best foods to turn off your stress hormone cortisol

Scientific studies and research papers have shown that vitamin C has the power to reduce high levels of cortisol.

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It’s no surprise to say that stress is one of the most damaging physical, emotional, and mental health conditions. In the not so long term, the chronic effects of stress are devastating and among the main ones is its relationship with weight gain, what happens is that the hormones that the body releases in the face of stress and the effects of “comfort foods” that are characterized by being rich in fats, refined flours and sugars, they push people to overeat. And of course this leads to all kinds of health alterations.

When we are stressed emotionally the body is producing higher levels of a hormone known as cortisol. According to Yale researchers, in this stressful state, cortisol will cause your body to store fat and, in particular, belly fat. Thus, stress management is a determining factor in weight loss. Fortunately, just as there are foods that deteriorate mental and emotional health, some are simply the perfect natural medicine and counteract the effects of cortisol. It is worth mentioning that these food are loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that research shows reduces feelings of stress. Find out what are the best food alternatives to keep stress at bay.

1. Cherries

Cherries are a gift of summer, they are the perfect combination of sour and sweet flavor. They are juicy and are characterized by their extraordinary nutritional value, sare approximately 81% water, so they are related to a great satiating power for very few calories The best? A one-cup serving contains a quarter of the day’s vitamin C, or about 25% of the recommended daily value. Cherries are also considered one of the best allies to combat sleep disorders, they are a natural sleep aid thanks to their melatonin content.

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2. Blueberries

Blueberries are an earthly delight with immense antioxidant power, which gives them great benefits for decrease the effects of stress on the body. They are also a good ally to fight free radicals and help us prevent chronic diseases. They are one of the fruits of lower sugar content, so they are perfect for control anxiety to eat and altered moods while we take care of body weight. In just one cup we will be obtaining 22% of the recommended intake of vitamin C.

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3. Asparagus

Simply delicious and light, asparagus arrived to fill summer days with color and nutrition. They are one of the most powerful natural diuretics and one of the main sources of plant-based tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that serves as the basis for the serotonin stimulationWhen the body produces more serotonin, it significantly improves mood. Asparagus also has high levels of folate, a nutrient that can fight depression. In addition, a cup of boiled asparagus provides 23% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

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4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are not only one of the most basic ingredients in the kitchen worldwide, they are very satiating, light and nutritious. It is recommended to bet on the consumption of organic variants, since they are characterized by having a higher level of polyphenols and vitamin C. Its recurrent consumption makes the immune system stronger and protects us against physical and mental health diseases. Best of all, integrating them into the daily diet is simple and accessible They go well with everything! In a cup of tomatoes you will get almost 40% of the daily vitamin C, which is gold for reducing stress.

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5. Turnips

It is true that turnips tend to go quite unnoticed, however after reading this it is likely that you will start to take advantage of them more. TThey have a high content of phytochemicals that destroy belly fat and vitamin C, and they are also rich in fiber, which promotes satiety. Their biggest advantage? It has been shown that glucosinolates which are the chemical that gives turnips their bitter taste, have the ability to reduce inflammation that can lead to prostate cancer. Turnips have the second highest glucosinolate levels of any vegetable. They are generous, low in calories and very versatile, plus one cup provides 45% of the daily vitamin C.

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6. Papas

Who doesn’t love potatoes? They are delicious, satisfying and very nutritious, best of all, they are a great food to accelerate weight loss and promote a flat wind. Potatoes provide a large dose of potassium and fiber, and baking them (instead of boiling them) unlocks more vitamin C. An additional tip is to boil them and then cool them; cooling cooked potatoes turns them into a resistant starch, which means the body will digest them more slowly and blood sugar levels will remain stable The best of all? A large potato (baked), provides almost half of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

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