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The best free alternatives to Wetransfer to send large files

Although we are all more than used to using WeTransfer, there really are other free websites that offer better services and sending capacity.

Although file sharing is an indispensable part of almost any job or college degree, sadly email electronic it’s not even an option to consider, as they don’t support sending large files. In these cases, the additional services to share records they can be a lifesaver.

One of the best known to all is WeTransfer, a very popular application whose best feature is that it allows free users to send files up to 2GB.

However, the biggest drawback of WeTransfer is that sometimes files get lost or don’t download properly. Nevertheless, It is not the only solution that we can find for free on the Internet.

There are many powerful alternatives to WeTransfer available right now, and we are going to show you 4 of themto be able to share any folder or file without worry.

4 alternatives to WeTransfer for sending documentation


Smash is a pretty decent service provider that allows you to send super large files (as they say on the web) without any limits. Accepts all file formats and types of binder to send them to the recipients easily and quickly.

In addition, the platform also makes sure that your files be safe from any friend of the alien.

Users also have the option to make file transfers unique by customizing the background, logo and popups for recipients in this tool, so it’s quite useful for a work environment.

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7 Android applications with which to send files to a computer without using a data cable


It is important to highlight with respect to this website, that they place a special focus on synchronization, which is essential, and since it is based on the cloud, users can benefit from aspects such as security, backup or restore.

It has all the necessary tools and functions to collaborate and edit documents in real time, share large files and manage access permissions.

Any type of file, regardless of its size, can be shared with anyone using the link sharing feature, and anyone can access them without needing to have a synchronization account.


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Hightail offers the necessary features so that you can send, receive and store files in a secure and downright simple way. Also, since it stores files in the cloud, users can access them from anywhere and at any time of the day.

It is important to note that it is not necessary for recipients to have a Hightail account to access your files. As soon as files are available for download or delivery, the sender receives an email notification. They can also be protect shared files with a passcode.

Google Docs

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Finally, we go with Internxt, a cloud-based service that offers great security and privacy. Best of all, as a free user, you can share up to 10 GB of files with others and ensure that they do not access our files or sell personal data to others.

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With this website you can encrypt your files and it fragments them even before they leave your device.

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