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The best healthy salt substitutes

If you’re looking for a salt substitute, chances are it’s because a doctor or nutritionist has advised you to reduce your sodium intake. If you still have doubts, we leave you the best healthy substitutes for salt, according to experts.

It usually has to do with a health problem and advice from our doctors to reduce salt intake. Other times it is because we have simply run out of it at home.

In any case, there are plenty of ways to substitute salt without sacrificing flavor. And there are a number of healthy options to replace it that can help improve it in your meals, all while keeping your salt/sodium intake low.

Why is salt bad? We tend to consume a lot of sodium each day, as it is found in especially high amounts in packaged, frozen, canned, and prepared foods.

Everyone needs some dietary salt/sodium, in combination with other minerals and electrolytes, to maintain normal cell, muscle, and nerve function. Nevertheless, its excessive consumption can lead to hypertension, heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, vascular diseases, kidney stones…

It’s because we come with some healthy substitutes:

Fresh herbs and spices

Using herbs and spices, or homemade salt-free seasoning mixes, when cooking is a smart way to enhance the flavor of your meals in a healthy way.

Homemade salt-free seasoning mixes which include oregano, parsley, basil, ginger or turmeric, are among the best salt substitutes for people with hypertension as they have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Citrus and vinegars

Acidic flavors, such as lemon juice and vinegars, especially when combined with a healthy fat source like olive oil, they make recipes more flavorful without adding a lot of calories.

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They add a tart flavor to foods that help balance other flavors.

Pickled fruits and vegetables

Depending on the recipe, add pickled or preserved products will increase flavor and may require less additional salt to obtain a balanced and tasty dish.

This is a good substitute if you find yourself out of salt, but pickled and preserved ingredients are often very salty, so be very careful.

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Garlic and onions (fresh or powdered)

Garlic, onions and other similar they enhance the flavor of food thanks to their enzymes and sulfur-containing compounds.

Use them to flavor meat dishes, soups and stews, pasta dishes, rice, etc.

homemade broths and sauces

Can you help increase both the nutrient content and flavor of foods by cooking them in homemade stocks or sauces, such as chicken bone broth, vegetable broth, or fish broth.

When you make broth at home, instead of using a canned type of broth or bouillon cubes, you can control how much salt you want to add.

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