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The best-known cinematographic and cultural projects of the Alicante consultancy Grupoidex

The Alicante communication consultancy Grupoidex celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021. Throughout all this time, his team has had the opportunity to evolve in the way of applying strategy and creativity to one of the activities that has given the most differentiation and recognition to the Alicante company: its ability to create and disseminate stories.

The work carried out in this sense by Grupoidex has, over time, managed to transcend commercial and advertising communication, moving into areas close to entertainment and culture: areas in tune with the habits of a new class of public that is increasingly accustomed to consuming content. on a wide variety of platforms and formats.

Thus, the Grupoidex team has already moved forward dystopian short films; referents of cine neo-quinqui; peculiar stories of psychological terror; videoclips; transmedia music projects; it is included poetry compilations. Projects that, for the most part, coincide in the desire to bring to the public stories with a social and human component that invite reflection.

According Ruben Ferrandez, General Director of Grupoidex: “since its inception, the advertising and communication sector has based its activity on bringing stories to the public capable of moving, stimulating or surprising. But we have always wanted to go one step further. Stories capable of leaving a mark are especially interesting to us. To touch on topics that make them relevant, appealing to realities with which all of us, in one way or another, can establish a certain empathy ”.

Film and entertainment projects

Among the variety of projects developed from this premise, the diptych that he managed to put back stands out. “Lo quinqui” current. The film ‘Creating Rats’, made by Ramón Guerrero “El Cristo”, and his spin-off Bad Ruin, next to Yung Beef, recovered for the general public a cinematographic genre that is an indisputable part of our culture. Through a feature film and a video clip, the director Carlos Salado proposed a genuine journey through misery, the street and crime that has so much in common with the cinema of Eloy de la Iglesia The Jose Antonio de la Loma as with Italian neorealism.

‘Criando Ratas’ was not the only Grupoidex project with the Alicante director. The insanity, a horror short film co-produced by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador Y ‘Chula’, a music video clip made for “El Langui” paved the way for their latest collaboration to date: Flesh and Bone. A musical project that will see the light in the coming months and that has been produced by Uniacords: Grupoidex’s creative and artistic content center.

Among Grupoidex’s most outstanding cultural projects is the feature film «Criando Ratas», which once again made «lo quinqui» current.

Grupoidex’s forays into the branded content and entertainment also include an ambitious project developed for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Through two futuristic dystopian short films Ipdentical e Ipdentity, a reflection on the value of creativity and the repercussions that its absence would have for our day to day is proposed. This science fiction saga has been selected in more than 50 film festivals both in Europe and worldwide, having been awarded, among others, in the great Spanish short film awards, where it won the award for Best Art Direction.

The dystopian proposal also ended up being part of the Creativity Yearbook published each year by the Creatives Club with the best of Spanish creativity, and ended up crossing the advertising frontiers as part of the catalog of Amazon prime in United States.

Social commitment

The social perspective, so linked to the Alicante consulting firm, is especially evident in ‘Alaska, a documentary made for the Acquired Brain Damage Platform (DCA) and the CECABANK Social Foundation. In it, we are shown the lives of Isabel and Willie: two people with a totally different past, but both afflicted by a disease that affects more than 300,000 people in Spain today: stroke.

Social commitment also had a place in the work of the consultant in two projects carried out with cancer survivors from the Sandra Ibarra Foundation. Life diary, which took the form of a book of Editorial Planeta written by Juan Ramon Lucas and illustrated by Galician and King, Y ‘Day zero’: a documentary focused on the day-to-day life of the aforementioned survivors.

Another of the recent projects undertaken by the Grupoidex team is inspired by the context drawn by the pandemic to express the main sensations and experiences lived during the months of confinement through the work of some leading online poets, such as Jota Santatecla, Caesar Brandom The Raquel Beck. Inverse is a “Poetry chain in quarantine” raised as a challenge on Instagram that will soon make the leap to the analog world, being collected in a compilation book.

Each of these projects have been consolidating a way of working in which the link with culture, entertainment and social commitment are part of the consultancy’s DNA.

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