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The best moments of the 2021 Christmas Lottery Draw

Like every year, the Christmas lottery this 2021 has again distributed hundreds of millions throughout the geography in a draw that has left moments to remember.

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The cries of emotion of the girls of San Ildefonso that have sung the ‘Gordo’ and the ‘rebel’ balls that have rolled on the carpet of the Royal Theater, have been some of the anecdotes that have been lived in the ten tables of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw 2021, during which they have been sung the 13 great prizes.

All tables, except the third and tenth, have yielded one or more grand prizes, being the earliest of this year a fifth prize, which has appeared in the fifth wire of the first table.

At 9:23 a.m., just nine minutes after the start of the draw, the girl from the Residencia Internado de San Ildefonso Yanisse Alexandra Soto Rivera sang the number 92052 and then, Luis Alcides Paniagua announced that he had been awarded 60,000 euros.

What’s more, the second table has left, when it was about to end, the second fifth prize (for 70316). It happened at 10:03 am, in the final moments of the last wire, the tenth, when the boy from the San Ildefonso Residence Hall Samuel Dávalos Durán sang the number and then Judith García Benítez announced, with a gesture to his partner earlier to sing, which had been awarded 60,000 euros.

Until the fifth prize has made its appearance, several ‘rebellious balls’ have been about to take center stage. So, on the seventh wire, one of them has slipped from the hands of Samuel, who, quick reflexes, has intercepted it before reaching the ground, a fact that he could not avoid with another ball of the eighth wire, which has fallen to the ground. However, thanks to the carpet on the living room floor, the ball has remained at the child’s feet without rolling away as it did in the past when this circumstance occurred.

Even if nerves have betrayed Samuel, who has been stuck several times, he and his teammates have always had the support of the public -some disguised as a pink panther- who, when the fifth prize came out, has once again waved their scarves as they did in the previous table.

Aya is back, the girl of the ‘thousand euros’

After a third table that has only distributed stones, that is, prizes of 1,000 euros, the fourth came with the ‘lucky children’, Aya Ben Hamdouch Chaaraqui y Alexander René Herrera, who sang numbers and awards, respectively. Both children had sung the ‘Gordo’ in previous years and this time they have not disappointed either, by singing the second and first fourth prize of the Draw.

Thus, at 10:48 am, Aya, the girl of the ‘thousand euros’, sang the number 72119 and then, Alexander René Herrera announced that he had been awarded the second prize, endowed with 1,250,000 euros to the series. Minutes later, the ninth wire left another graceful number, 42,833, the first of the two fourth prizes, endowed with 200,000 euros for the series.

The fifth table of the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2021 has distributed three great prizes, the third prize (19517), endowed with 500,000 euros for the series, the second fourth prize (91179), of 200,000 euros for the series, and the third fifth (26711), awarded with 60,000 euros to the series.

Calmer has been the sixth table, which has left the fourth of the eight fifth prizes for the number 24198, sung at 11:46 hours by the child of San Ildefonso Samuel Dávalos Durán, who was accompanied by Emily del Pilar Tutiven, who he sang the awards and made his debut distributing luck.

Although, the most emotional moment of the Draw of this year 2021 has been starred by the girls of San Ildefonso Yanisse Alexandra Soto Rivera and Paula Figuereo Figuereo, when by singing the ‘Gordo’ award they have reassured each other and showed their affection through tears.

“Don’t cry,” one said to the other when they approached the presidential table to show the balls with the number and the prize. “Auntie, I love you a lot. I also“, they have whispered through tears as they showed the balls.

The first prize, the ‘Gordo’, appeared only a few seconds after starting the seventh table of the draw, at 12:12 p.m. Yanisse would sing the number 86148 and then Paula would announce that she was graced with the ‘Gordo’ award.

Upon seeing the graceful ball, the girls of San Ildefonso, visibly moved, sang the number and the award as they approached the presidential table to show the balls, which were drawn by Salvador Constantin Roa and Fernanda Daniela Laborde.

While the minors sang through tears, the public present at the Teatro Real in Madrid -which this year has recovered 50% of the capacity for the draw, after a year 2020 without an audience due to the Covid-19 pandemic-, has received the ‘Gordo’ between cheers, applause and shouts of ‘Otra, otra’.

The first prize of the Draw has fallen in Madrid, specifically in the Atocha station and in Toledo street; in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Santoña (Cantabria) and in Ayamonte (Huelva).

The four fifths furthest behind

When he was about to finish the seventh table and it seemed that he was not going to distribute more prizes, two fifths have come outs. On the tenth wire, at 12:33 hours, the number 69457 was sung, graced with 60,000 euros to the series and just two minutes later, at 12:35 hours, the girls of San Ildefonso announced the sixth fifth prize, which has been for 89053.

For its part, the eighth table of the Draw has left a seventh fifth prize, which has been sung again by Aya Ben Hamdouch Chaaraqui. This time the graceful one has been the number 34345.

After a ninth table that has distributed the last fifth prize, the most lagged, which has been for number 89109, and a tenth table with only a few balls that have been distributed stones, the draw has ended at 13:37 hours at the which was not the latest since last year it ended 13 minutes later, at 1:50 p.m.

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