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The best of the chains in open in this 2021

Television also takes stock of the good and the bad in these last days of 2021. As every year, free-to-air televisions have had several triumphs and successes in their programming throughout these last 12 months. Unexpected successes, formats that are here to stay, phenomena that rarely happen and bets that consolidate in their respective time slots. We review the best of the main open chains in this 2021.

The 1 of TVE hangs the medal with the Olympic Games, ‘Masterchef’ and ‘Here the earth’

The 1 has counted in this 2021 with the success of las retransmissions of the Tokyo Olympics. In addition to accumulating more than 30 million contacts, more than 66.6% of the population, the public channel achieved an average of 15.5%, the best record of some Olympic Games. since Beijing 2008. The most watched has been the soccer final between Brazil-Spain with 42.3% and 4,194,000.

Within the discreet audiences that it has registered in this 2021 of organic renewal of the corporate, TVE has once again scored important as many with the last seasons of anonymous and celebritys of ‘Masterchef. Despite the controversies that have arisen, both versions of culinary talent have registered a 15.2% and 20.1% share of the screen, leading a large part of them.

Also noteworthy is the performance of ‘Aqui la tierra’ in the afternoons of La 1. The program presented is consolidated as the third option in the afternoons with records that exceed two digits, coming to compete with the Telecinco offer at eight. The informative format presented by Jacob Petrus accumulated 11.2% screen share in October, standing 1.5 points above the monthly average for the chain.

Antena 3 manages to lead three months putting the reign of ‘Save me’ in check

In the absence of the December data, Antena 3 will close in 2021, managing to have led throughout August, September and November. Apart from continuing to lead in the after-dinner table and in prime time with, respectively, ‘La rouleta de la luck’, ‘Pasapalabra’, ‘El hormiguero’ and both editions of their news programs, Antena 3 has managed to put in check the reign of ‘Save me’ in the afternoons with the end of ‘Now I fall’ and the arrival of ‘Bitter Land’, Turkish soap opera that has even led in quite a few afternoons. In fact, looking at their evolution, the distance between the two channels after their arrival in July has been reduced from the 4.5 percentage points with which their daily duel began in favor of the Telecinco magazine at 7 tenths with which, for example, the series of the Atresmedia chain won last Thursday, December 23.

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Another of the successes of Antena 3 in this 2021 has been the premiere of ‘The Challenge’. After the end of the eighth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’ with the latest galas that had been postponed due to the pandemic, the first edition of the ‘The Challenge’ program averaged 16.6% screen share, with peaks of 22.4% and 20.1%, respectively, in their first and last galas.

In addition to its strategy with other Turkish fictions such as ‘Woman’, ‘My daughter’ or ‘Infiel’, the main channel of Atresmedia has also signed up the same with the broadcast of ‘Jacqueline Sauvage: victim or culprit?’, series based on a real case of a French woman who killed her husband after a life marked by the continuous mistreatment she received from him. The telefilm was a surprise by registering an 18.4% share of the screen, managing to lead against ‘Survivors: Last Hour’.

On the other hand, it is also remarkable howYour face is familiar to me‘has returned to Antena 3 with its ninth edition, which, so far, registers an average of 20.8% of the share.

Cuatro consolidates its competitiveness in the afternoon slot and gets it right with some of its prime time formats

Although the year is expected to end as the fourth channel, Cuatro has managed to prevail over laSexta, its most direct rival, in some strips throughout the days of the week. The Mediaset channel has managed to surpass its average with programs such as First Dates‘,’ The debate of temptations’, ‘Horizonte’, ‘Planet Calleja’, ‘Everything is true’ and ‘Fourth Millennium’.

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Except in the time slot of 20:00, Four also has consolidated its offer in the afternoon with ‘Everything is a lie’ and ‘Four a day’, which, in November, registered averages of 5.8% and 5.7%, data very close to their most direct competitors on laSexta (6.4% and 5.8%).

‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, ‘AR’, ‘Survivors’ and ‘The truth about the Wanninkhof case’, among the best of Telecinco in 2021

It is more than foreseeable that Telecinco will end this 2021 as the audience leader among free channels. Within these 12 television months, one of his main successes in the chain of Mediaset It has been ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, which, in addition to being a political and social revolution, registered an average screen share of 27.5%. The docuseries starring Rocío Carrasco exceeded the 25% barrier in all its installments, also achieving an effect of awareness and visibility of the scourge of gender violence in our country, since, after the premiere, calls to 016 increased by 42%.

On the other hand, ‘The Ana Rosa program’ remains the undisputed leader in the morning slot. The morning show presented by Ana Rosa Quintana led the previous season (ended in June) with a 19.7% audience share and, from September to November, with 20.37%, without taking into account the data from ‘El summer program ‘(17.8%).

Although both formats have closed their least viewed seasons historically, ‘Survivors 2021’ (26%) and ‘Got Talent 7’ (15.8%), which managed to beat ‘Your face sounds to me’ with a final that registered 20.3%, they also join the best of the Mediaset chain this year.

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The issuance of the second chapter of the docuserie ‘The truth about the Wanninkhof case’ (23.3%) and the specials of ‘My house is yours’ with Isabel Díaz Ayuso (15.8%), Paz Padilla (19.5%) and Bertín Osborne himself (‘Your house is yours’) (13.9%) has also been part of the best of Telecinco in this 2021.

‘Aruser @ s’ and ‘Lo de Évole’, the main joys of laSexta in 2021

The morning slot has once again become laSexta’s main joy thanks to the important data collected by ‘Aruser @ s’. The program presented and directed by Alfonso Arús achieved the previous season (ended in June) with an average screen share of 15.8% and, from September to November, with 16.47% in an upward evolution month by month .

The second season of ‘Lo de Évole’ is another of laSexta’s outstanding successes in 2021. The last batch of episodes of the program presented by Jordi Évole averaged 11.2% share, registering peaks that exceeded 15% with the two parts of the interview with Miguel Bosé (15.4% and 15.2%). In addition, we must also take into account the 8.6% of screen share that the special registered with Iván Redondo, the former chief of staff of Pedro Sánchez.


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