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The best online alternatives to Paint

painting It’s one of the free graphic editors known in the Windows environment and it is not for less since it has been accompanying the Microsoft operating system for 33 years, which integrated it in its first version. We have collected the 5 best online alternatives to Paint with which you will always have the tools available in this program at your fingertips, regardless of the operating system you use.

Despite being a really basic tool, the ingenuity of users has exploited it to the fullest, using it in tasks as disparate as draw with the computer, edit photos, change the format of images either create screenshots.

In the months leading up to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft sowed confusion among fans of painting announcing that its free graphic editor could disappear after that update.

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Luckily it was all a misunderstanding, although it is true that, after 32 years of service, Microsoft has declared its graphic editor for Windows obsolete and will not add new functions to it, although it will keep it integrated into Windows 10. If you want to discover other online alternatives to PaintHere we show you some of the most outstanding.

Youidraw Painter

One of the easiest things to do in painting it’s just getting to draw. In this field, the union of Paint and the touch screens of the new 2-in-1 devices and convertibles with Windows 10 have created a powerful design tool that also has its online alternative.

Youidraw Painter is a free online graphic editing tool that has some really cool drawing and design features like hatch stroke effects for the pencil tool. This function allows you to create textures and in your drawings in a simple way, obtaining a spectacular result.

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Youidraw Painter allows you to export your drawings to your device and change the file format of the images to PNG format or print them directly from the web, so not only do you not need to have any graphic editor installed on your computer, but you won’t even have to save it on your computer if you don’t want to.

you can try Youidraw Painter from its official page.


If you are one of those who used paint to draw, PaintOnline It will be one of the best alternatives you will find since it has everything you need to create your simplest drawings almost instantly. Furthermore, being a online design toolyou can use it from any computer or device regardless of your operating system.

PaintOnline It can be used with a graphics tablet, which makes it much easier to draw and design freehand, and it has a language selector so you can translate the application interface.

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Like the graphical editor installed in Windows, PaintOnline It also allows you to edit photos and enhance color, resize images online, and even change their file format.

This makes it an online tool as useful and versatile as it is itself. painting in its desktop version, but with the advantage of always being available online and without the need for any additional program.

you can try PaintOnline from its official page.

luna pic

luna pic is one of the best online alternatives to Paint and offers a wide range of options for basic photo editing and online drawing.

If you need a tool to crop, resize an image, or convert a photo to another file format, luna pic It will become your great ally since it allows you to do it in just a couple of clicks.

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Although it is true that at first the interface and the operation of the tool are somewhat chaotic due to the large number of options it offers, the learning curve is very fast and you soon learn to apply effects to photos and improve the color quality.

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Lunapic also allows other features like creating animations from photos and of course drawing like you do in Windows 10 Paint.

For this, it has a panel of basic drawing tools with which you can create your designs and download them to your PC when you have finished with them. Without a doubt, a online photo and graphic editor very complete that you won’t have to install on your computer.

you can try luna pic from its official page.


sumpaint it is a great online alternative to Paintalthough the fact of being developed in Flash makes it lose some points since you will need to activate this technology that has already fallen into disuse.

If you do, you will discover a free graphic editor whose interface is very reminiscent of the old versions of Photoshop. The editor has a wide collection of tools with which you can draw and make your designs, as well as edit your photos, improving their quality.

The interface is available in a large number of languages, including Spanish, something that makes its use much easier since it allows you to discover what each tool is for.

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The editor uses a layer system, so you can stack different shapes, lines, and images to create your designs, all without having to install any photo editing software or graphic editor.

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sumpaint It is presented as the ideal solution for those who do not have much space available or do not have enough power for editing tasks. In this way, since all the editing is done on the Sumopaint servers, you only have to download the result to your computer.

you can try sumpaint from your page.


Vector is one of the online and free alternatives for Paint easiest and most versatile to use you will find. In fact, so that users can take advantage of all its features from the first moment, when you start the online graphic editor, a tutorial starts showing you all its options and tools.

It is an online vector graphic editor that allows you to design simple compositions using basic tools that, combined in the right way, can lead to very successful creations.

Vector It has a downloadable version that allows you to install it on your PC, but the online version, which is what really interests us, is frankly good.

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This simple online graphic design tool allows you to work with layers, just like Photoshop, Illustrator or other more advanced graphic editors. In addition, it allows you to export the designs created in SVG, JPG and PNG formats, as well as directly share a link to the design.

You can try Vectr from its page.

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