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The best pages to download free music completely legally in 2022

Listening to a radio program with background music and a cool header is not the same as listening to a monologue without a single tune. The first sounds professional, and the second sounds boring.

The main drawback is that almost all the music has been created by authors who, like everyone else, have to pay their mortgage, rent and bills, and want to do it with the sweat of their brow or, what is the same, with their music.

Lucky for us, some of these authors have released pieces of their creation so that anyone can integrate them into their projects without having to pay a euro for them, so you can download all this music for free and legally to use it.

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The pages we have selected below are the musical equivalent of image banksso that in its content collections you can find royalty-free pieces, others with limited licenses that must be mentioned to the author and others for which you will have to pay a certain price directly.

Thus, it is important to look at the type of license to which each piece of music is subjectand respect the terms of that license to avoid legal problems later.

The best pages to download free and royalty-free music for your videos

Creative Commons: a license free of payment, but not of obligations

The Creative Commons licenses They are, in the vast majority of cases, free use for private users and only found Free usage limitations for commercial use of that piece.

I mean, yes the license prohibits its commercial useyou can use it as a soundtrack for your family videos, but not to accompany an advertisement for your company or to add it to a job for your clients.

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Songs or musical pieces subject to Creative Commons personal or private use licenses are free, but they are associated with certain obligations. The most common is the author assignment.

This means that, even if you don’t have to pay for the music that you have included in a promotional advertisement for your business or in your vacation video, yes you must mention the author in the credits.

YouTube music library

YouTube is the largest video platform out there, and for years it has been adding features and tools to make video creation easier for its users. Therefore, if your video is going to end up on YouTube, you can use the Music and Sound Library that YouTube makes available to users for free.

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To access this platform you just have to log in to your YouTube account and go to your YouTube Studio. There, in the left side panel, look for the option other functions and choose audio library.

Downloading songs from YouTube is very simple. On the internet you have at your disposal countless pages that allow you to download songs and music from YouTube without programs. As there are many, we have selected the best alternatives for you. Take note!

In this section a good number of Free and royalty-free music pieces and audio effects that will serve to set your videos without violating any of the use policies in terms of YouTube copyright.

All you have to do is download the piece and add it to your video.


If we talk about royalty-free music, one of the most popular and representative is Jamendoalthough more than a web page that is responsible for collecting copyright-free music, it can be considered as a community in which you will find a huge variety of free music for your videos.

All the Jamendo catalog music It is under a Creative Commons license, so it can be used without limit and legally in your personal video projects as long as you include a mention of its legitimate author.

If you need music for a commercial videoJamendo includes a section dedicated to it, but in this case the music download will not be free, although it has very affordable prices and, once purchased, you will be able to use it with all the legal guarantees in your videos.

The catalog of music styles and songs is really big with more than 200,000 tracks at your disposal. It is not in vain that we find ourselves before one of the most numerous communities of musicians and musical creators.

For more information, visit the official Jamendo page.

Free Music Archive

Another recommendation that we cannot ignore when it comes to finding free music for your videos is Free Music Archive.

On this website you can find a large catalog of songs under a Creative Commons license, perfectly classified by genre, which makes the task of searching for music much easier.

All music can be downloaded for freebut its license requires you to mention the artist in the credits of your video projects.

Streaming music services like Spotify, Tidal, and even YouTube come with their own built-in music player. But if you are a lover of good music, it is best to opt for a local music player. These are the best free music players for Windows 10

From Free Music Archive you can free download single songs or, if you like the work of a certain artist, download an entire album.

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For more information, visit the official Free Music Archive page.


If you need free and royalty free classical music, Musopen It may be the musical bench you need.

In this classical music archive you not only have a good collection of classical music pieces that you can search by composer, instrument or theme, you can also download sheet music of the pieces to perform them yourself.

Musopen’s music is subject to a Creative Commons license, so music download is freeand many of them are classic works, so mention will not be necessary because they are in the public domain.

There are many pages with free online music to listen to, legally. Millions of songs offered using different methods. We review the best pages with free online music to listen to.

The free version of Musopen allows you to download up to 5 songs per day, if you need more sound material you will have to pay a subscription fee.

For more information, visit the official Musopen page.


Another interesting website if you are looking for free and royalty-free music for your videos is Dig.ccMixter.

On this page you will find thousands of hours of music that you can incorporate into your projects. Most of them can be downloaded for free to be used in your personal videos, and even in your commercial projects.

If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.

However, it is advisable to check the type of license to ensure that its author allows the commercial use of the work or under what conditions it allows its personal use.

The website classifies the content by possible uses, among which is instrumental music for videos, music for advertisements and even a section of music to include in your video games.

For more information, visit the official page of Dig.ccMixter.


bensound is a web page where you will find thousands of free and royalty free songs and music themes for your video projects.

It is a very easy page to use and in which it is easy to find the style of music you are looking for for your videos thanks to its efficient classification by tags.

Each musical piece is presented in a “box” with a photo and a brief description of the style or instruments that appear in the piece. That way it’s easier choose the right music for your videos.

Whether you have edited a home video through YouTube, or if you have one on your personal page of your channel that is a bit bland, you can improve them by adding some of the music from the library of the portal itself.

In addition, each of these boxes has an audio player, so you can listen to a sample of the song before downloading it. Before doing it. The page shows you in detail which projects you can use it for and which you can’t.

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If your project is among those not allowed, you can extend the use license by paying a certain amount for cover copyright.

For more information, visit the official Bensound website.

Purple Planet Music

Our last recommendation in this selection of the best pages to download free and royalty-free music for your videos it is Purple Planet Music.

Each of the songs or musical pieces that you will find on this page has three different licenses or forms of use: free, standard or transmission.

If you go to upload your own personal videos to youtube or just want a soundtrack for your family videos, you can free download most music without major problem since it is included within the free license with the correspondence mentioning the author.

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On the other hand, if the chosen music is going to be used for profit or commercial purposes, you will have to buy a extended license to expand legal coverage. In any case, the extension of this license is offered for a very reasonable price.

The content of the page is classified by “sensations” being able to find categories of happy, emotional, tense, dreamy music, etc. This makes it very easy select the right music for the mood you want to give your video.

For more information, visit the official page of Purple Planet Music.


Audionautix is ​​a portal where you will find free music to download with Creative Commons 3.0 license. Therefore, you are free to use any sound from the collection, even for commercial purposes, as long as you include a link to this page on your website or attest that the music you have used is from

The Audionautix catalog can be explored by genres, moods or tempoand if you prefer, it also has a search engine to find music by keywords.

Each of the entries has a title and is cataloged within a genre, a mood and a tempo. You have the possibility to listen to the pieces online and, when you find what you are looking for, you can download the song in MP3 format to use it in your video.

Enter the Audionautix website to consult the catalog and download music.

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