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The best podcasts of the week: the crazy story of the tiger attack that came close to the death of Siegfried and Roy | podcast

picks of the week

Wild Things: Siegfried and Roy
In 2003, the theatrical careers of flamboyant German illusionists Siegfried and Roy came to a halt when one of their tigers nearly killed Roy in front of an audience of 1,500. This excellent eight-part series delves into the details of that night, as well as profiling the scandalous career of its subjects in convincing detail. Think of cheetah smuggling, tigers in swimming pools, and the weirdest police investigation you’ve ever heard of. Alexi Duggins

in conflict
This highly insightful and engaging podcast on the Middle East returns after a two-year hiatus to reopen its discussion of Afghanistan. With one of the hosts being an al-Qaida jihadi turned MI6 double agent, it is packed with incredible and revealing detail. Just don’t expect it to flatter the US and UK. ADVERTISEMENT

Roxane’s gay agenda
fans of listen to kill You’ll be glad cultural commentator Roxane Gay is back with a solo offering. She bills it as “the bad feminist podcast of your dreams,” and with frank and much-needed conversations about race, pop culture, and politics with passionate guests, she’ll deliver. hannah greenier

Inside Your Mind by Stephen Fry
“White, rubbery, shriveled like a walnut, and the size of a small melon” is Stephen Fry’s first impression of the brain in his 12-part series devoted to the mysterious organ. As he explores further, he has many questions to answer about evolution, gender, and consciousness, but he knows that the brain weighs the same as a MacBook Pro. high voltage

fairy meadow
Journalist Jon Kay first learned of the Cheryl Grimmer disappearance case while covering the Madeleine McCann story. “In some ways, the cases are eerily similar,” he says. This eight-part series sees him travel to Australia, where three-year-old Cheryl disappeared on a beach while with her family in 1970. It’s a deeply sad but fascinating listen. Holly Richardson

Sex podcasters Lacey and Flynn
Sex podcasters Lacey and Flynn. Photograph: Muir Vidler/The Guardian

Chosen by Elena Morresi

In their podcast pilot, Lacey and Flynn talk about creating something new, not porn or sex education. ‘Porncation’ is the neologism in which they land while recording themselves having sex in their living room.

At the start of episode 17, Lacey gives a trigger warning, and after listening to and skimming through the 38 episodes of the podcast so far, I wish it had come sooner.

Lacey and Flynn Have Sex is about heteronormative sex. They speak of feminine and masculine energy, noting that this is not based on gender. In this relationship, however, it does seem to be.

Lacey, the cis woman of the marriage, is ashamed of not matching her husband’s libido; “Poor you,” she says at one point, when talking about rejecting her husband’s advances, and the cis man Flynn accepts her heroism by standing by her side as she misses out on orgasms throughout their 10-year relationship. This red flag has dragged the podcast to the bottom of my listening list.

But here are a few other observations: the podcast can be awful with new-age rhetoric and challenges to modern medicine, it’s peppered with ads touting its paid courses, the audio quality is perfect, and let’s face it, the sex sells. .

Normalizing sex is healthy, and Lacey and Flynn’s teachings definitely appeal to a lot of listeners and probably remove the stigma of talking about sex. But before you dive in, approach with caution, check the facts, and heed my trigger warning.

talking points

  • Who says being a librarian isn’t a cutting-edge job focused on future technology? Certainly not the occupants of what might be one of the best-sounding jobs we’ve ever heard of: podcast librarians. It’s a role that involves organizing, categorizing, and helping users discover podcasts, like a regular librarian, but with audio. And in recent weeks, podcast discovery service Podchaser has named one of its own. The occupant is apparently the second holder of the job title, after Ma’ayan Plaut, who held the same job at podcast promotion company RadioPublic from 2016 to 2019.

  • Why not try? Evil Genius with Russell Kane | Our Voices

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