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The best supermarkets to buy frozen prawns

The best frozen prawns.

The best frozen prawns.

The food of Christmas, as well as the dinner of Good night, is getting closer. And despite the fact that fewer people will gather this time around the Sanitation restrictions, there are many who have already bought, or are considering doing so in the coming days, the frozen seafood for these family gatherings. It is for this reason that Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has performed an analysis of the best frozen prawns of the variety Vannamel -from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru or Venezuela– sold in supermarkets.

The study of TO FATHERAs they point out, they show significant differences in quality between the 12 selected brands, both in freshness, as in visible defects, additives, sulphites, labeling and flavor. However, four brands stand out for their good results in the analysis and they top the ranking for their taste. It is, in order, The English Court (11,23 €/kg), Pescanova Rodolfos (14,95 €/kg); Freight, for sale at Aldi (€ 8.74 / kg); Y Ocean Sea for sale at Lidl (€ 9.36 / kg). However, the organization points out that they have “an excessive amount of salt, a problem shared by most of the brands analyzed.”

On the contrary, in the OCU ranking, the three brands that have registered the lowest rating are Auchan, for sale in Alcampo (€ 8.81 / kg), due to its high sulfite content; Carrefour large size (€ 9.48 / kg), due to its low flavor; Y Costasur (€ 11.63 / kg), for including a colorant that, although it is allowed by the regulations, OCU considers unacceptable in a product like this.

The best frozen prawns.


In any case, OCU emphasizes that no cadmium residues have been detected in any sample, which is the heavy metal most likely to appear in prawns and the reason why it is not recommended. suck heads. And no antibiotic remains have been found, which have been sought because they are farmed prawns.


The price of shrimp usually increases with the size of the piece and, above all, with the brand. The most expensive are those that sell top brands (€ 12.10 / kg on average), while the cheapest are those of private labels (€ 10.09 / kg on average).


OCU also insists on the importance of proper defrosting to preserve flavor and texture. Prawns, like frozen fish, should be thawed in the refrigerator and not at room temperature or under the tap.

Ideally, place the product on a drainer or rack and it is on a tray; This prevents the liquid that emerges from coming into contact with the food. Be careful, it can also be done using the defrost function of the microwave, but being careful not to spend time, as they would overcook.

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