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The best websites of daily mobile photography challenges to improve your technique with the camera

If you love taking pictures with your mobile, you will surely spend all day taking snapshots of a lot of situations or landscapes that you see throughout the day.

But this can even get boring, since on many occasions we have to photograph more or less the same thing, since we always go through the same places over and over again.

If you need a new challenge, many other amateur and not so amateur mobile photographers regularly take challenges to hone all their skills and knowledge, as well as for fun.

All these challenges can be found online and free, being able to participate in all those that we want. We have various styles, with some that are quite active, while others are like following a study program.

We can even have communities in which other users comment on our own photographic challenges.

We will be able to carry out all these tasks both with a camera of regular photos. a professional or even a mobile whose camera is more or less decent.

Let’s see several examples of where to enter to have fun daily with all the challenges that are going to mark us as far as photography is concerned.

ExpertPhotography 30 Day Photo Challenge

ExpertPhotography is one of the best websites to learn photography, so it is not surprising that its 30 day photo challenge project be one of the most used and currently recommended both by amateur photographers and by those who are already a little more professional.

The good thing about it is that at the same time that we solve the tasks that mark us every day, we also we are learningsince we can use the corrections that are given to us.

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Everything we are talking about is directed Mainly for beginners or for those who want to update their photography knowledgebut always from the basic approach.

Every day they will set us a new challenge that can be a portraita lens flare photograph, some street photo, etc.

Another of the most interesting things that Expert Photography has is that before doing any challenge we have information on the subject, where they will give us ideas on possible techniques and tips to achieve the best snapshot.

We will be able to publish all the work that we do on this website on our social networks or in a Facebook group that belongs to Expert Photography, where the entire community of web users can comment on the result.

We’re going to have our 30-day challenge available, but we’ll also have a photo journal of 365 days in case we are interested.

Pexels Photo Challenges

Pexels is one of the most famous websites right now where you can get copyright-free images. In order to have a greater collection of quality images, every so often it presents different photographic challenges so that users can participate and win prizes.

we will find one or two challenges that are present to the same typeone of them being able to be a portrait, for example, although the so-called Home Page Challengewhere the 10 best snapshots, according to the criteria of the Pexels team, will appear on the main screen of the web.

The main rules that Pexels requires in this type of challenge, apart from the fact that the image is totally originalis that the photos only load once each one (you can hang the ones you want), in addition to add snapshot location and labels.

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ViewBug has gained a great reputation in photography challenges, especially for the good prizes it offers, since you can win drones, camera digitalcash, and even celebrity recognition on social media.

What you should know is that a free member will not be able to participate in all the contests, but they will still have a good number of them where they can send their photos.

Another positive thing about this website is that there are many challenges with fairly long deadlinesso great photographs can be prepared, since there will be more than enough time.

In addition to the website itself, there is also a version for both Android and devices whose operating system is iOS.


GuruShots is basically as if Instagram was based on photography contestssince the interface is similar and every day there are different challenges in which you can participate for free.

Each of these contests has a winning photo, a best photographer and a special choice of a web expert.

Each person can send the number of photos they want and the winners of the first two categories that we have mentioned, are chosen by the votes that they will cast in the community in real time and that are counted as soon as the contest ends.

You can send more professional photos with SLR or digital cameras through their website or choose to use the phone’s camera, using the guru shot appvalid both for iOS mobile phones and those that have Android inside.

As the GuruShots service is used, points are earned to level up, which will cause us to participate in more contests, including teams.

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The best thing about 52Frames is the very active community of photographers he handles.

Each Monday a theme is announced and photos must be submitted before the following Sunday. Later, in the committee of 52 members of the web, where there are highly experienced photographers, the 3 main snapshots are chosen, which will be published on the main page of the web.

Each of the challenges comes with its own tips and tutorials, knowing that they will not be able to be used Photographs that have already been sent to other challenges before.

We say that it has a very active community, since more than 2,000 photographs are sent each week to participate in the challenge.

Another good thing is that absolutely all the photos will be able to be comment and express the points of view, which means that there will be a lot of people who will comment on the photos that we are putting.

From 52Frames they also have a weekly bonus challenge to test the skills of all the people who are part of the community. This challenge is more complicated than the previous one that we have talked about, but above all it is a good way to gradually learn to take better snapshots.

With all these websites that we have told you about, you will be able to experience different types of challenges for your photographs, which will make you have a lot of fun, as good lovers of the subject of snapshots.

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