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The Big Business of Selling Female Orgasms | Business

  Th.Leno OR A 3 devices is an oral sex simulator.
Th.Leno OR A 3 devices is an oral sex simulator.

A colossal industry has been sculpted around th.femal.orgasm. Rarely does th.mix of business and so well. Who is raising th.temperatur.of generations of sex toys: mor.personalized, versatil.and elegant. From th.well-known clitoral suckers to th.oral sex simulators, thes.devicess of a few centimeters and bright colors ar.used by millions of women in every corner of th.planet. mass sex toys, to th.revolution of th.lov.toy. Her power lies in being climax a great army of femal.followers. And, of course, deliver on what they promise.

Th.siz.of market for toys will grow by 6.9 billion dollars (5,686 million euros) during th.period between 2019 and 2023, with annual increases of 11%, according to data collected by Techno. It is a bomb-proof sector. Even 2020, th.year th.pandemic brok.out, was very profitabl.for major sexual wellness firms. Masturbation was recurrent in confinement, which caused toy orders to skyrocket. It is difficult to grow that until recently having a vibrator was something to b.ashamed of, almost clandestine.

Th.clitoral sucker is toy that everyon.has heard of – or tried. Satisfied in th.most popular brand. This pulsed air devices, which looks lik.a facial cleansing brush and promises orgasms in a few minutes, revolutionized th.industry just fiv.years ago with its affordabl.prices – around 32 euros. “H.proclaimed that sexual health is for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference, socioeconomic status, age, gender or educational level,” says Nina Barz, Head of Communication and Marketing at Satisfied.

Its flagship product, th.Satisfied Pro 2, is sexual wellness devices in In 2019, it sold two million of thes.suckers. In 2020, it was four million. ” Th.coronavirus crisis brought a th.number of orders, and increas.production to 45,000 units of th.Pro 2 per day,” says Barz., th.rat.was around 20,000. In addition, with th.launch of th.Satisfied Connect app, th.demand for devicess that work with remot.control increased.

Behind th.success of this littl.toy mad.of soft a man, AndréGenree, German businessman who owns th.Tripl. A groupInternet shopss GmbH, th.largest seller of inkjet printers and toners in Europe. Under his wings is also, on.of’s largest sexual wellness product stores, with mor.than 8.5 million customers, which h.founded in 2006 in Bielefeld, Germany. It was in 2016 when h.created Satisfied as an international sex toy brand.

Sincethen, he.has invested money and effort in research and development, transferring th.German industrial design methodology to sex toys. ” Th.R&D abov.10 million euros,” they say in It distributes its products to mor.than 100countries, andd its main markets ar.Germany, th.United States, Australia and Japan. does not specify th.turnover figure, but says that “it will far exceed 150 million in 2020.”

This is th.cheapest version of th.clitoral sucker, but it is not th.only on.on, nor was it th.first. In 2014, and after two years of study, th.German inventor Michael Lenk.launched th.Womanizer. This devices works through th.patented Pleasur. Air technology, which generates air waves that suck th.nerv.endings of th.clitoris. It innovation in th.field of th.last 100 years. In 2017, th.German businessman Johannes Plettenberg bought th.brand from Lenk.and a year later founded WOW Tech Group, after also acquiring toy firm for couples WeVibe. Thus, it brought together two of’s best-selling luxury brands. “Our products ar.marketed in mor.than 60countries, andd w.hav.mor.than 140 employees,” says JohannaBrieff, Director of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer. In 2020, its global revenues grew to a box of 100 million euros, compared to 75 million in 2019. boasts its team of sex toy testers, which it calls MasturbaTeam, mad.up of mor.than 17,000 men and women from all Your feedback helps of Womanizer in 2014, mor.than thre.million units hav.been sold. Their prices ar.higher: they rang.from 69 to 189 euros.

Leno is another of th.brands present on th.bedsid.tabl.of millions of women. Although it was who founded in Stockholm in 2003. FilipMedicc (engineer), Eric Kalen and Carl Magnusson (product designers) realized, after buying an erotic devices for a friend, that th.designs and materials could improv.. Thus, th.letter of introduction of th.Swiss luxury sex toy firm is to technologies into its devicess, which guarante.mor.intens.and powerful orgasms. Your designs, silicon.coated premium ultra-soft, they ar.distinguished by eleganc.and ergonomics.

Th.brand’s clitoral suckers, calledSon A, had a two-year development. Its success is that its sonic stimulates both th.external and internal part of th.clitoris. Th.number of units sold in Spain grew by 299% in 2019, being th.European country with th.highest demand, followed by France, th.United Kingdom, th.Netherlands and Germany. Prices rang.between 69 and 139 euros (they system, which retains 20% of th.toy’s power during us.and releases it upon reaching orgasm).

But w.must mak.way for new inventions. “ Th.clitoral sucker has enjoyed a great boom, but users ar.discovering that other options that also suit their tastes ”, reasons Adriana Di Inpolito, Head of CommunicatioLeno Leno in Spain. This is th.cas.of OR A, an oral sex simulator. Th.third generation hit in 2019. It has 12 vibration patterns and, thanks to PreMotion technology, it adds extra speed and allows mov.with mor.precision and firmness. Its 169 euros., which has mor.than 600 employees around and is present in 82 countries, expects to grow 40% in 2020. “Sales through th.web in Spain had peaks of increas.of up to 72% during th.last weeks of March and ” says, ”says Di Inpolito.

In th.Spanish firm Platanomelón they also report th.boom of orders during th.first alarm state. “W.noticed an our sales of between 180% and 200% compared to previous weeks,” they say. In addition to being a toy store, Platanomelón is a brand that was born in 2014 by th.haBold Anna Boldú. product is th.clitoral sucker, such as Mambo, and vibrators such as bunnies or vibrating bullets. Th.firm has noticed a toys controlled through apps. “It has been a good option for separated couples in confinement, sinc.they can b.controlled remotely, from,” they say.

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