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The bipartisan announces more masks for the elderly in Alicante and United We can criticize that the cast is in person

A distribution of masks to the elderly, in Alicante

A distribution of masks to the elderly, in Alicante

He Alicante Town Hall will start this next Monday a new free distribution of masks between the people over 65 years of age who reside in the city of Alicante. “This distribution is activated coinciding with the increase in covid cases in the city of Alicante and to make an essential protection element such as masks available to the most vulnerable people due to age reasons,” according to the municipal government.

Free delivery of the four masks will take place over the next week -between January 11 and 15– at different points throughout the city and in hours from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. To receive the free pack of four masks, it is necessary to present the applicant’s ID, where it is proven that they are a resident of the city of Alicante and that they are over 65 years old. “It is not necessary for the applicants of the masks to go to the collection points, since they can be delivered to the persons they designate as long as they present the applicant’s DNI or a copy of it,” they add from the bipartisan, which affects that It is “the third campaign of this type that the Alicante City Council has activated among people living in the city of Alicante who are over 65 years old.” Also last year, a massive distribution of this protection element was carried out among all the residents of Alicante in a home distribution and that involved the delivery of about a million masks.

Distribution points for the masks, between January 11 and 15

The collection points for the masks are nine and are distributed throughout the city, to which are added other specific distributions in Urbanova, Tabarca, Villafranqueza and San Gabriel:

1. District 1. SAIC Seneca, c / Portugal.

2. District 2. Gastón Castelló Social Center. C / Pino Santo, 1.

3. District 2. Pla-Carolinas Community Center. C / Barcelona, ​​12

4. District 3. Isla de Cuba Social Center. C / Isla de Cuba, 40.

5. District 3. Tómbola Senior Center. C / Virgen del Puig.

6. District 3. Felicidad Sánchez Social Center. Mayor Lorenzo Carbonell Avenue, 58.

7. District 3. San Blas Senior Center. c / San Raimundo, 17

8. District 4. Playas Community Center. Costa Blanca Avenue, 19.

9. District 5. District Board, c / Colegio

Criticisms of United We Can

Following this announcement, Unidos Podemos has demanded a change in the “distribution model of masks, to prevent elderly and low-income people from queuing to obtain four units as happened in October. “United We can have criticized the management of the bipartite government of the Popular Party and Citizens in scheduling a new distribution of masks for the older population of 65 years. The coalition indicates that “foreseeing the distribution of protectors in person in the heat of cold wave and with an alarming escalation of infections by covid, to one of the groups most vulnerable to the pandemic, is putting them at risk unnecessarily “. United We can indicate that in the distribution made in October with very similar management characteristics, four units of masks were delivered,” an absolutely insufficient number for a product that currently has a very low sale price “. For this reason, it indicates that those who will attend this distribution will be” elderly population at serious risk of social vulnerability and scarce resources. onomic, which are forced to queue in the middle of winter and with the high risk of contagion that exists “. He Coalition spokesperson, Xavier López, requires the government of PP and Ciudadanos “to rethink the distribution and use the folders opened in social services to send this product directly to the people who need it most, avoiding exposure to cold and queues”, as it indicates that “this way of distributing the masks reminds many older people of the ration cards and is the confirmation of Barcala’s confusion between charity and social policy. ”

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