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The bipartisan maintains the debt with illustrious people from Alicante despite the latest changes in the street

The festive commission requested shortly after Quevedo’s death that a road in the La Florida neighborhood be named after a neighbor “known, recognized and respected,” as the president of the patron saint festivities, Andrés Romero, described it on Thursday. To support the petition, more than a thousand people signed in favor of the tribute in the form of public space in Florida. Neighborhood merchants, as well as other entities in the city, also supported this request “so that this illusion of all can become a reality.” The «Glorieta Ángel Quevedo» is located between the avenues Mayor Lorenzo Carbonell and the also recently renamed calle José María Hernández Mata, in the vicinity of the public school «Enric Valor».

Change of image of the memorial in memory of Miquel Grau, habitual target of fascist attacks. | INFORMATION c.pascual


The recent changes in the street map of Alicante, promoted by the bipartisan PP and Ciudadanos, however, have not settled the outstanding debts since the last mandate. The government team, then made up alone by the PP, pledged in June 2018 to find spaces for the names that were left out of the definitive list of new names for Francoist streets. More than three years later, most of the debts are still pending, despite the fact that the Barcala executive has not stopped renaming public roads, such as the last one of Ángel Quevedo, the recent ones of José María Hernández Mata and Sor Juana María Martín or the dedicated to the main festivals of Alicante (the Bonfires, Holy Week, the Moors and Christians and the traditional festivals) in the PAU area of ​​San Blas.

Illustrious figures who appeared in the initial list prepared by the Historical Memory commission that was created in 2016 under the mandate of the left tripartite fell at the last step, waiting for new spaces.

In total, there were more than twenty names that disappeared from the list when the Barcala PP changed the agreed relationship, claiming demands from the district boards, despite the initial presumption of a consensus of the political groups in the change of the Francoist street map.

The names that appeared in the proposal of the Historical Memory commission that were left out corresponded to characters that remain unrecognized today, such as Lieutenant Colonel Amado Granell, Architect Juan Antonio García Solera, Playwright José Estruch, Sculptor Arcadi Blasco, José Coloma Pellicer ( Uncle Cuc), Professor José Ferrándiz, Literature Carmen Conde, Minister Federica Montseny and Miquel Grau, among others. The latter, whose assassination will be 44 years old in mid-October, has a memorial in his name in the Plaza de Luceros, the format of which has recently been changed by the City Council after multiple fascist attacks.

The bipartisan maintains the debt with illustrious people from Alicante despite the latest changes in the street c.pascual

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