Thursday, December 3

The bipartisan of Alicante points out to Oltra del hoax about the closure of the hotel business: “Everything comes because the vice president publicly discusses sanitary measures”

New, and surprising, turn of the screw to the controversy over the hoax about the closure of the Alicante hotel business. Again, the Botànic is responsible for errors in the management of Alicante for the bipartisan team led by Luis Barcala. This is how the spokesperson as the deputy spokesperson for the local executive during the press conference this morning, after the Governing Board on Tuesdays.

Questioned by the initiative of United We can propose the mayor’s disapproval for the hoax promoted by the Councilor for Finance, Lidia López, the bipartisan has pointed out to the Government of the Generalitat. Specifically, the vice president of the regional executive, Mónica Oltra. “The hoax comes because the vice president publicly discusses sanitary measures. The vice president questions her partner in government. The hoax comes from there “, has defended the bipartisan spokesman, Antonio Manresa (Citizens), who on the contrary has downplayed the importance of a municipal government councilor spreading the hoax and also denied being its author until two days later, when this The newspaper revealed the intrahistory: “The councilor apologized, that’s over with. We are focusing on an error. “In the statements referred to by the bipartisan, Oltra gave his opinion on the management of the pandemic and advocated tightening the measures.

The bipartisan has tried today, again, to point out Valencia in the face of mistakes made in the management in Alicante, as is the usual trend during this municipal mandate. “The situation is produced by some statements by the vice president of the Generalitat. And at the same time the appearance of Ximo Puig is announced in the afternoon. If you ask anyone, everyone accepted Oltra’s statements as good“, said the deputy spokesman, Manuel Villar (PP), relying on an alleged appearance by Puig that was never called last Wednesday. Villar has insisted on this attempt to derive responsibility for the hoax at the Botànic, where it is evident that there are conflicting positions on the management of the pandemic: “The problem arises from the lack of harmony in the Botànic. They are making a tripartite face, “said Villar.

Asked about the press release sent by the City Council in which the councilor for the Treasury denied any kind of connection with the hoax, both the spokesman for the bipartisan and his deputy have thrown balls out. They have not wanted to admit that the mayor lied to try to disassociate herself from the hoax that she herself had spread among the sector. “When the press release is sent, what is known is sent“said Villar, who has shrugged his shoulders when questioned about the attitude of the mayor, who did not admit being the author of the hoax until two days later, which also led the mayor himself, Luis Barcala, to lie to the spokesmen, pointing out that the author of the hoax was “someone” outside the government team and sliding that the purpose was to “harm” the City Council.

To the plenary session, in duplicate

After announcing the PSOE on Monday that it would bring a request for the mayor to appear in plenary session, United We can today announced that it will raise an institutional statement to “disapprove the mayor in the next ordinary plenary session in November.” The coalition’s spokesman, Xavier López, stressed that “it is serious to spread hoaxes in times of uncertainty but it is even worse to lie in institutional communication, putting at the service of partisan interest the official communication of the city council ”. He also recalled that “Barcala transmitted through the group of spokespersons that no one with institutional responsibility was the origin of the hoax. If he knew at that time that he had been his councilor for commerce, it is an interested lie to the opposition to try to put out the fire, if he did not know, he must now cease his mayor for hiding information. López has pointed out that “Barcala’s eagerness to pretend to be the head of the opposition to the Consell leads his councilors to not hesitate to spread hoaxes that could benefit him politically.” “It is irresponsible and of course lacks any ethics required in the public sphere, but it is also that in this case it has been able to generate significant economic damage to a very punished sector, “concluded the mayor.

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