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The bipartisan requests the ten-year transfer of the former headquarters of the Social Security Treasury

The former headquarters of the Social Security Treasury on Mare de Déu del Carmen street in an image that was taken yesterday.  |  MATÍAS SEGARRA

The former headquarters of the Social Security Treasury on Mare de Déu del Carmen street in an image that was taken yesterday. | MATÍAS SEGARRA

It has been closed since 2017, three years ago it went up for auction for 406,530 euros and now the bipartisan wants its transfer to move citizen service offices there and continue in this way in its line of fighting against the fall of activity in the center of Elche . This is, in general lines, the trajectory in recent times of the former headquarters of the Social Security Treasury on the central Mare de Déu del Carmen street, a building that made the news yesterday after it became known that the government team from Elche it intends to apply to the Ministry of Social Security for its free assignment for the next decade.

The municipal spokesman, Héctor Díez, yesterday framed this request within the bipartisan plan to revitalize the historic center of Elche from the social and commercial points of view. One of the key actions for this is to provide content to the buildings and premises of the center and prevent them from remaining closed, which occurs in the case of the former headquarters of the Social Security Treasury.

As part of the plan to provide content to the historic center and with the purpose of favoring socio-economic activity in this area, the governing board yesterday approved the request to the ministry for the free transfer of a property that has been closed since the Treasury moved. to Avenida de Santa Pola, in the Altabix neighborhood. Since the bidding that took place in 2018 was deserted, the building has not been put up for auction or is currently being used, contributing to its degradation.

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So the bipartisan proposes to obtain a free assignment to provide municipal services in a building of more than 500 square meters and three floors. In total, the property has 561 square meters, which are distributed in 215 on the ground floor, 262 on the first floor and 84 in the basement. If the petition is successful, the City Council would take on the adaptation and accessibility actions, cover maintenance costs during the years of occupation and undertake to provide a public service for the citizen. “It is one of the most important buildings that are empty in the center and has perfect conditions to host citizen service offices,” said Diez.

The bipartite has not decided 100% the services that it would transfer to the former headquarters of the Social Security and is working with several alternatives pending a final response from the central government. Elche also assures that the ten-year assignment period that has been initially proposed is negotiable. “We understand that given the pandemic and the situation the real estate sector is going through, it is very difficult for there to be an offer for such a large building, it will not be easy for the ministry to give it a way out and we are the best current option,” added the spokesman. municipal.

While waiting for the Government to pronounce on the proposal that comes from Elche, what can be advanced is that the bipartisan approach involves transferring to this property those services in charge of citizen attention, while those of management internal buildings will be kept in other buildings belonging to the City Council, which are in worse condition.

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On the cost that the reform would have, no data was offered yesterday. What must be taken into account is that the building has 651 square meters and, recently, in the pages of this newspaper they estimated the price of a reform in Elche at 1,500 euros per square meter.

Agreement with the Misteri d’Elx and line of social interest subsidies

Regarding Culture and Festivities, yesterday the signing of the collaboration agreement with the Patronato del Misteri d’Elx was approved. The agreement is signed for a value of 123,750 euros as in 2020, the year in which it increased by 12.5%. For its part, in the area of ​​Inclusive Policies and Social Rights, yesterday approved the line of subsidies for associations of social interest, endowed with 8,000 euros. This action seeks to support social and non-profit entities in the payment of the rent of their headquarters and in the different activities they carry out. The aid can be requested from the day after publication in the BOE within 30 days.

Contracts for job shops and a farm tractor

Within the area of ​​Public Procurement, the government board yesterday awarded contracts to continue developing the employment workshops and was awarded the purchase of an agricultural tractor for the brigade of districts of the City of Elche. This tractor will carry out clearing and other work at Camp d’Elx. Yesterday two budget modifications were also approved, one for 49,000 euros for the maintenance of trees and palm trees and another for 41,900 euros for the improvement and conservation of the Ruta del Palmeral.

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